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This page lists Switch homebrew related PC utilities. Please add missing applications or feel free to reorder/move/create sub-categories.

Temporary list, please help sorting them to proper categories and into nice Tables

Switch Emulators

Ryujinx, experimental Switch emu in C#
MonoNX, experimental switch emulator for Android


NES Online mod tool
4NXCI (old
   X2N GUI 
Nintendo Switch SD to NSP dumper
CDNSP GUI (illegal) (discontinued, see Dark)
CDNSP GUI -dark-
Convert Payload to TX's boot.dat
NX Shell
Metacritic Switch Score
Umtimate Material HacTool GUI
XCI Cutter tool
XCI Multi converter (by Huma_dawii) .... thread deleted 2/9/18 "missing credits"
NCA Builder
PySDK (deleted)
CDNSP GUI Bob (illegal)
X2N (gui for 4NXCI)
WAIN Cart Dumper
GUI for nsp-file-renamer
NES ONLINE Game Injector (outdated) 
NES ONLINE Game Injector MOD (new support)
nro2nsp builder
nro asset editor
NSPack (gui for hacpack)
NSPVerify (CaitSith2) 
NSPVerify (Garoxas)
PySwitch (rikikoo), multi tools to manipulate switch file format
   VerifyNSP (rikikoo)
SplitNSP, python script
Boop (move to network section?)
Yet Another XCI Cutter
dedbae xci2nsp converter
XCI Builder
NX trimmer
Nut Batch Cleaner ?
meta Tool
AltarTool (edit GameMakerStudio file)
SARC Extractor (deprecated)
Libyaz0 python lib
EdgeAuther, by SimonmkWii. enables 24h cdnsp link, either private or malicious, don't run random files from internet.
Split XCI Powershell script
VideoSetupNX to use with HomebrewWebFramework (illegal?) and
xci2nsp batch wrapper for 4nxci
bntx editor
HacToolNet and libhac
LGMA ftp to google drive linker
Switch theme injector 
   pc tool 
   auto-theme website (deprecated, use NXTheme installer homebrew instead)
   Switch Layout Editor
Switch Eject (MacOS script to clean SD card)
NSP, NCA, XCI to LayeredFS
switch blade
Doge's NSP update checker (no thread/git/url?) note sure if safe or contain keys. uses Nut to checks if nsp has an update on cdn.
NSC Builder
XCIment Auto XCI File renaming tool
Switch Game and patch explorer
Quick BMS (Archive file format manipulator, not only for switch)
XTX extractor, texture manipulator
Firmware version inspector
Switch Screenshot Organizer
Switch Game Checker (batch to check nsp/xci nca signatures)
Switch Safety
NX Game Info
Switch Mega Installer
nsZip File Manager
XCI to split NSP
EX BootLogo, converts image to Hekate/Atmosphere CFW's bootlogo bmp format.
Splash Maker Switch, converts image to ReiNX/Hekate/Atmosphere CFW splash.bin and bootlogo bmp format.
NxNandManager, Dump/restore NAND from computer with memloader payload
reNXpack, repack nsp to another targeted firmware version encryption key,
NANDpart, Changes Switch's NAND User/System partition size if you replace the NAND chipset with a bigger one.
Makeemu, a tool write boot0/1/user partition to one of the SD's FAT32 partition

Homebrew setup tools

SDSetup (website, requires up to date browsers)
GetMyBru, Windows homebrew repository tool

Game installers companion

AluminiumFoil (standalone tinfoil usb server for windows)
install nsp via usb (no official name)
GoldTree, python tool to send Titles to Goldleaf 
Fluffy (GUI for tinfoil & goldleaf)
Nut GUI, nut server,
  NS-usbloader mobile, branch for mobile devices
Tinson, PHP server companion to SSL compatible installers, using googledrive as source.

Game Managers

Switch Backup Manager
Nut and
NSP Rename
XCI Explorer
XCI Organizer (based on xci explorer) deprecated
Title Switch
NX Game Info
Switch Manager


Switch Lan Play
   Switch LAN Play GUI
   Web UI (web interface for Lan Play)
Super Lan Play server
XLink Kai
REMx launcher, ThinVNC for switch a VNC-like over html5 applet (old/deprecated?) use inHome Switching homebrew app instead.
NXMineNS, a DNS redirector for Minecraft to redirect to custom servers.

Game assets

Love Story Writer, a Love Potion script editor/creator :

Game Patchers / Save Editors

The binding of Isaac Mod Converter (for Mario only)
Ys8 Lacrimosa of dana
Mario Party Save Editor
Undertale Save Converter
Monster Hunter GU save editor
BOTW saveConv
   Zelda Breath of the Wild Save Converter GUI
Mario tennis rank editor
WiiU Taiko no Tatsujin: Atsumete★Tomodachi Daisakusen! songs inserter
Super Meatboy Music patcher
dragon ball xenoverse 2 save enc/dec
World of Final Fantasy Maxima
  savegame checksum fixer
Diablo III
Diablo III
new mario U deluxe
Tales of Vesperia
(not a tool yet) Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission Hex Editing
FF10 save editor

Game modding and translation tools

LPBP by akintos, convert dat/txt for The liar Princess & the Blind Prince.
Odyssey Editor (Mario Odyssey Level Editor)
The Binding of Isaac mod converter
Pokemon gfpak script for bms
Pokemon GFPak-Tool (unreleased/unfinished) by xXDungeon_CrawlerXx
Skyrim NX Tool, set of tools to convert PC game mods to switch format
SSBU AV Extract (extract audio+video from Smash Bros ROMfs)
awp manipulator (Audio Wave Pack)
FFX X-2 unpacker/repacker
Super Mario Maker 2 Course Decryptor unofficial thread
Noesis (not specific for switch). A texture, model and animation editor and viewer for many games and format
  Noesis mod, add tiling texture for ue4

Other / to sort on other pages

Switch theme template
SXOS ROMMENU (extracted NRO from boot.dat)
Homebrew menu loader (compiled to NSP)
Module mania
to sort/verify :
code handler
NXLoader SXMod
Zadig libUSB driver installer for windows 7+
tf, extract titlekey from a ticket using command line.



Title Description Author Thread Source
DNSwitch A utility to hijack the web browser filtering mode. sasori / ItsDeidara Thread Official release forum git
DNSwitch4All Easier/Noob friendly version of DNSwitch. sasori / ItsDeidara Thread git
Proxswitch A simple proxy program. Ac_K Thread