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The switch has different things users call custom firmware.

  • CFW: Most known used term for "Custom firmwares" (SXOS, Atmosphere, ReiNX). These are actually patched firmware, or firmware patchers, not real "custom" firmwares.
  • Packages: These are ready to use, pre-setup, CFWs bundled with additional useful homebrew, such as appstore and homebrew menu.
  • OS: Fully replaced Operating System. These is a real "custom firmware", probably not what you want when looking for "CFW".

Custom Firmware (CFW)


Custom firmware from Team Xecuter.

Closed sources, and DRM protected behind a paid license.


Opensource firmware patcher.


Opensource firmware patcher based on early atmosphère CFW.


There are maintained and deprecated packages. This section will list oudated and fantasist packages only for archival and historical purpose. But please, only use well known and maintained packages, such as Kosmos !


Most trusted, maintained and used RCM package.

Previously named SDFiles. This package contains the latest release of Atmosphère, Hekate payload and some additional useful homebrew, such as Appstore.


A package using Pegaswitch, Caffeine/Deja vu exploit (NOT RCM!). used with Pegaswitch and Caffeine.

Works on 4.1.0 iPatched units.


Old deprecated package.


  • Type: RCM package
  • Author: ThatNerdyPikachu



Please don't use this one. Don't try random things you find on internet without proper testing and assurance there's no malware or bricker.

OS replacement

there are two different full OS replacement :

  • Horizon OS replacement, working as interface to run Switch applications.
  • Other OS replacement, launching an entirely new OS (linux, Android, etc.)

Horizon replacement

These applications are full replacement of Horizon OS user interface.

Project Home

Unreleased replacement of Horizon OS.


Delta launch is a full Horizon OS replacement.

New operating system

These are fully replaced environment, using the Switch as raw ARM device.


Launch a linux image on witch using Shofel2 payload booter.

Linux L4T

Linux Ubuntu on switch. New version of Linux distribution with Switch specific kernel and drivers.


Android 8.1 Oreo, used as Shield TV device.