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Homebrew Loaders System Tools Utilities Other applications

Temporary list, please help sorting them to proper categories below


NX-Shell {Work in progress port of 3DShell (Multi purpose file manager) to the Nintendo Switch.}


ModuleMania - Various useful sysmodules for CFW! R

Sys-play {Play music anywhere!}


Tinfoil - Title installer / manager W

Free Shop-NX W

ChoiDujourNX R a system firmware installer homebrew for the Nintendo Switch

Noexs Remote Debugger

Kez Plez {Get your keys straight from your switch}

NSPower {"Switch title installer, manager and more"}

eXhop R {Nintendo Switch title downloader}

gcdumptool W {Yet another Nintendo Switch Game Card Dump Tool}

Sys-Netcheat {Open Source cheat engine}

EasyPower {quick utility to reboot the Switch}

Save Managers

SaveData manager for Nintendo Switch {Nintendo Switch SaveDate Backup & Restore Tool}

EdiZon - A save editor and manager for Horizon R

Homebrew Loaders

Title Description Author Thread Source
Homebrew Menu First Homebrew loader for the switch. Yellows8| plutooo git

System tools

Title Description Author Thread Source

Utilities tools

Title Description Author Thread Source

Other applications

Title Description Author Thread Source