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Background Information

Little, whose real name is Lisa, was born in London, England on the third of September, 1987. She currently resides in the university town of Loughborough where she studies Information Science and Business at Loughborough University - although she is currently doing her industrial-placement year. She dislikes her parents with a passion but is incredibly close to her Nan, Gladys and elder sister Kelly. She works in a marketing co-ordinator role for a large adhesive company - and absolutely loves it. Her background was in retail, having worked in stores such as Game and Specsavers. Her current ambition is to graduate Loughborough university with a first class degree and study post graduate at Oxford University.

Little's hobbies include cycling everywhere, playing computer games on her NDS, Wii or PC, shopping, badminton, number games like Kakuro and Suduko and having incredibly straight hair. She also enjoys creating 3D scenes and dabbles in the odd bit of programming. She is proficient in and semi-proficient in Java, PHP and C++. Since starting at university, she has found her computing proficiency and knowledge has dwindled.

Little's first memory of gaming is her Mum and Sister making her hold the power block of the NES in a certain way so that the console wouldn't cut off! Little's mum is a big fan of gaming, and introduced both her children into the ways of Atari and NES at a young age. However Little's mum plays pathetic games such as the Scooby Doo series on Playstation 2, which she finds too hard. Little's favourite games for DS include...

  • Pokemon Pearl
  • Sega Casino
  • Tetris
  • Super Monkey Ball
  • Animal Crossing
  • Action Loop
  • Sudoku Platinum
  • Phoenix Wright Series

Little joined on the 20th November 2006 after looking for more information on flash carts.

-Last Updated: 14th December 2008

Random Trivia

  • Used to skateboard at London South Bank every weekend
  • Is hopelessly terrible at playing games and rarely ever completes a game
  • Hates being cold and always sleeps with at least 2 duvets and a blanket even in summer