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Original topic title: > Lost in Blue Special Limited Edition DS
Original topic subtitle: I'm so 1337! B)

On May 19th, OrR decided to create a topic about his NDS "Lost in blue" mod. He painted his DS using the colour scheme of the game (Blue, Green and Gold). Here is the original message he posted, followed by a picture of the DS.

Original post:

All the cool guys on the internet already have a DS lite... 
So I could not stand looking at my awfully boring cheap-silver DS any longer.
Buying a lite for those horrible prices wasn't an option, either, since I did not have any money.
So, what to do? Paint your DS! B) B) B)
50 pics (crappy ones NOT removed...) of the process can be found here:
I did not document every single step but it should be pretty clear how I did it.
The last 10 or so pictures are of the finished product. 
I know, my calligraphy skills are nothing to be proud of. ;)
I used email (not e-mail rolleyes.gif ) paint from Revell, quite commonly used for model building in Germany.
It seems to be quite wear resistant if you only touch your DS with your fingers but comes of quite easily if scratched.
So be carefull when putting your DS in your pocket/backpack/whatever.
All in all I can really recommend painting your DS because afterwards you've got an amazing looking, one of a kind device. :yay: 
The DS is easy to disassemble and just as easy to reassemble, just use this video and this screwdriver. :teach: 
Oh yeah, please be gentle with my bandwith.
If you are going to post this all over the internet, please mirror the images on imageshack or something...


As you can imagine, the first reactions weren't exactly praising the masterpiece:

(johnny9562001) no offense but it looks like shit. i think you devaluated it.
get a lite man, get a lite.
(AshuraZero) I'm on johnny's side here too. It does indeed look like shit. IMO of course. 
You are right though, all that matters is that you like it.