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This page is related to the user m3rox. If you were looking for someone else, click here.

m3rox joined back in 2006 after spending a few years on some other video game related message board. Since then, he has been loved by all members; be they gay, straight, female or male.

Being the awesomely attractive (straight) male that he is, m3rox doesn't really spend that much time online (though it may appear so as he likes to log in pretty frequently, then stay logged in while he does other things). When he isn't online, he is attending the local community college where he is working on his Associates of Arts degree. Yes, he is an art major (and yes, that is hot). When he isn't gaming or studying, he is either watching something on television (most likely Big Bang Theory or Jeopardy), or eating something insanely delicious.

Exercise is a big part of m3rox's life (note - he isn't fat, just has about 25 lbs to lose to be considered skinny). He doesn't like to run, instead he does a shit-ton of walking (8+ miles a day on the days he does work out). Soda and most other junk food have been cut from his diet, due to his own health concerns.

Yeah.. um.. that's all for now.