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Jonesy is as Jonesy does. Has a penchant for posting dumb images.

Monsignor Cheezy previously Mike Jones moved from Johannesburg, South Africa to Central Florida with his parents shortly after his birth, after the riots and chaos that ensued during the apartheid in that region. In Florida, he and his parents joined a small local church, which promoted family values, human tolerance, and above all else, a violent passion for processed cheese products. Although his parents were hesitant at first to this baffling religious movement, they saw how it began to mold M-Cheezy into a fine and upstanding young man, whose only peccadillo was an apprecation for rap music.

Their concern was well-founded however, as M-Cheezy became further and further involved in the church's activities, insofar as even being arrested during an organized assault on a local vegetable merchant's shop. By this time, M-Cheezy was a teenager, and no longer accustomed to hearing any voice but the church's. Viewing their meddling as a threat to the growth of what was truly known as The Cult of Cheeze, M-Cheezy orchestrated the death of his parents, and shortly after was named Monsignor of the order.

Unbound from a voice of reason, M-Cheezy marshalled the entire cult to conquer and claim the untamed land of Canada. Approximately ten minutes after their arrival at the border gates, M-Cheezy was the only one left alive, bound and gagged on his way to the headquarters of the eponymous DEGRASSI organization. He was given no choice of surrender, and made an employee of them, an unwilling test subject and candidate for The Super B Project.

Shortly after the acquisition of the man known as Biji-san to DEGRASSI, M-Cheezy and he, along with the former German freedom fighter Weswolf were sent to a Russian outpost of The Shinku-san Corporation. On a mission to capture a microchip developed to encourage loyalty in unresponsive Shinku-san Corp. employees, the three managed to secure the prototype chip and one of the scientists with it. The mission went accordingly until M-Cheezy, bent on using the microchip to spread the ideals of the Cult of Cheeze once more, got into a heated argument with Biji-san over the kidnapped scientist who had managed to alert security. Insisting that she was of no use to them, M-Cheezy killed her, attempting to end the argument succinctly. The death only enraged Biji-san further, who even up to this point barely tolerated M-Cheezy, and Weswolf was forced to pull both of his comrades out of the building before they were killed by approaching enemy agents.

The later inquest by DEGRASSI split the team up; Weswolf would only participate in solo missions from this point on, Biji-san was eventualy chosen as the primary candidate for The Super B Project, which left M-Cheezy with nothing to do but let his rage against Biji-san smolder, manifesting itself often against him in the form of a battle rap. After The Super B Project malfunctioned, Biji-san and M-Cheezy escaped, only to be picked up by Shinku-san Corp employees and made entry-level members in the company.

Though Biji-san has never forgiven M-Cheezy for taking a human life, the two grudgingly became friends, occasionally still holding battle raps, to the dismay of others present. M-Cheezy was present when the confused and barely clinging to life Recca Hanabishi attempted to kill Shinku-san for the glory of the VGCats forum, and in a final act of pennance to his longtime rival and friend, M-Cheezy threw himself in front of the disoriented Recca just as Ninja Gamer unleashed a flurry of Flamming Dragon Punches. Sacrificing himself for the survival of Recca, M-Cheezy at death's door renounced his vows to The Cult of Cheeze and apologized to Biji-san, all in rhyming fashion. Biji has never forgotten this effort by M-Cheezy, though pretty much everyone else has because his claims of dating women that he merely passed on the sidewalk were getting tiresome.

Real Name: Mike Jones First Appearance: Shinku-san Comics #81 Birthday: December 13, 1988 Member since: October 10, 2005 Height: 5'9-ish Weight: 205 pounds Eyes: Hazel Hair: Brown/Red Job: Nemesis of Biji-san; Cheese lover; known ex-member of DEGRASSI. Location: Delta: Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground Current Status: Deceased Known Relatives: Mother, Father (Both unknown, dead) Quote:"am I really that hated?"