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Mario Kart was released with only 20/32 courses available for online play. Thanks to talented users from the GBADev community, we have found a way for those of us using Flash Kits to enjoy the other 20 courses online.

This guide was originally published at the M3WIKI, which is now deleted and forgotten. The information in this guide was retained using an old M3WIKI link and the Internet's Way Back Machine. The guide has been slightly rewritten but the information and steps to hacking Mario Kart remain the same.

What You Need

  1. The Mario Kart DS ROM
  2. The Track Hack IPS Patch or the DEMO version IPS Patch
  3. An IPS Patching Program
  4. For a custom hack you will need A Hex Editor

Applying the IPS Patch

Lips gif mini.jpg

  1. Make a physical back up of your ROM
  2. Click the Apply IPS Patch button. Select the IPS patch by using the program's browsing window
  3. Select the ROM to patch

Lunar patch successful.jpg

If the above image appears then your ROM has successfully been IPS patched.