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Late 2005, clues were left in various topics about a possible Mario Kart DS event.

Example: Mysterious front page news


Facts and figures

  • 225 members participated in the tournament
  • Clues on a Mario Kart event were given starting from mid-november (example)
  • The tournament actually started on December 12th of 2005 (topic)
  • On April 2nd of 2006, news of Hitto's victory were broken (topic)
  • The tournament lasted almost 4 months for the members.
  • For the staffers, it took no more than 6 months to organise (and to clean up afterwards).
  • This tournament is the first of the GBAtemp Tournaments.


The prizes for this tournament were:

  1. A complete GCN Bundle, including the following: platinum edition GameCube System (US version) switch modified to play both US and JP region GCN games; gray wavebird wireless controller; madcatz 59 block memory card; madcatz gamecube to composite/s-video video cable; officially licensed softsided gamecube storage pack.
  2. A M3 Lite + PassKey 2 bundle
  3. An Ewin 512 + PassMe bundle


  1. Hitto, who picked up the last prize (read Hitto's page for more details)
  2. RueGorE, who picked up the M3 Lite bundle
  3. Filb, who ended up with the GCN Bundle.