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Megawalk: Producer of Gaiden Legends Origin Series (Which is Soon to Blast Off) A Critical SRW Fan. List of SRW Games played Alpha Gaiden Alpha 3 MX Portable A Portable SRW W DS SRW K DS SRG SRW Masou Kishin SRW Og 1 + 2 Compact 3 Z

Soon my RPG will launch into beta phase. once that happens everyone on gbatemp is invited to test it. this rpg is meant for the moderate players so i rate it 16+ for several reasons. because i am not childfriendly concerning rpg's this game is made with the program RPG Maker VX and uses different custom midi's & Mp3's to create the max out of it. this series will be consistant of 3 episodes mostly. Ep 1. The Starting Gaiden Ep 2. A New Gaiden Ep 3. The Gaiden Crisis And my favorite anime's are: GaoGaiGar + Final Kotetsushin Jeeg Mei Ou Project Zeorymer Mazinkaiser + SKL Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z-Hen!! Shinkon Gattai! Godannar!! Gaiking: Legend of Daiku Maryu ZOIDS Gundam Seed + Destiny + 00 + 00 Season 2 + Movie (When it Comes) Yuusha Raideen (I Love This old anime...don't ask me why)

And this is pretty much that covers me