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Not to be confused with Member Groups

The various ranks of GBAtemp. The ranking system is based on post count only.

Overview of Ranks

Min. Posts Max. Posts Member Title Pips Notes
0 9 Newbie None None
10 49 Member Pip.gif Don't confuse this with the Members group.
50 99 Advanced Member Pip.gifPip.gif None
100 299 GBAtemp Regular Pip.gifPip.gifPip.gif
  • Member group is changed to Members at 100 posts
  • Access to trading forums and shoutbox
  • Customizable user title (set under "Personal Details")
300 499 GBAtemp Fan Pip.gifPip.gifPip.gifPip.gif None
500 999 GBAtemp Advanced Fan Pip.gifPip.gifPip.gifPip.gifPip.gif None
1000 1499 GBAtemp Maniac Pip2.gif None
1500 1999 GBAtemp Advanced Maniac Pip2.gifPip2.gif None
2000 2999 GBAtemp Addict Pip2.gifPip2.gifPip2.gif None
3000 4999 GBAtemp Psycho! Superpip.gif None
5000 9999 GBAtemp Guru Superpip.gifSuperpip.gif None
10000 ????? GBAtemp Legend Superpip.gifSuperpip.gifSuperpip.gif None


  • Some Member Groups have a group icon, which will override the Normal Pips regardless of Rank.