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Name MENUdo
Author Soulanger
released TBA
platform Unknown flashcart, NDS
language Chinese, English
license (closed source)

MENUdo is an alternative OS for a selected SLOT-1 Nintendo DS Flashcart created by Soulanger. It is unreleased as of now. Menudo will also be avaliable in a freeware version for most other carts which will not load commercial ROMs. The name MENUdo was chosen because you can do your own menu. By this, it means that MENUdo features an advanced theme scripting system. This makes the themes very flexible, allowing mimicking of other game systems or computers such as the PSP/3's "XMB"[1] and the XBOX/360's Dashboard. Currently all that is (publicly) known about MENUdo is that it will boot homebrew .nds files, audio, video and features some internal applications such as a graphics editor, a music player, a text editor and an alarm clock application.

A very basic demo of MENUdo was released in early 2008 entitled "the coffee sabaw demo"[2]

A review of the software (currently known as the "coffee sabaw demo") from the leaked beta video is also available on many of the gaming sites such as, GameGrep[3], and more.

Much like DSOrganize, MenuDO has wifi features, these features however are as of yet to be announced.

MenuDO History

While it was in development it was supposed to be a homebrew launcher that was full of style, it had most of the features that the Sony Xross Media Bar had (Video Preview of Games, Game Icons, etc). After that was the release of the "coffee sabaw demo" which the author had been required to release in order to participate in the NeoFlash Hombrew Competition in early 2008. This early demo, had only the game launching features and supported only few actual programs. The video preview feature was done using the Spinal Media Format. MenuDO was created using the NintendoDS Development Library PALib[4]. Soulanger was offered by a flash cartridge company to code MenuDO as their cartridge's firmware, The cartridge has in question has not been named as of yet but it has been confirmed that the version on the cartridge will support commercial rom loading much unlike the version that 3rd party sites will receive for homebrew users to download which will only have the homebrew loading. Since the initial announcement of the software, It has changed immensely and now contains an MP3 Player . The theming system can virtually imitate currently about 80% of current gaming system's firmware/OS and is extremely customizable although currently the main menu and navigation app are the most customizable at this point, that may change as time goes on and the author updates the software.


These Screenshots were given when MenuDO was first announced as Closed Beta in GBATemp.

Supported Formats

Currently, MENUdo supports.


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