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Metroid_Phobia's Profile
Metroid_Phobia's Blog

Background Information

Metroid_phobia lives in Coatbridge (uk). He is currently a 6th year student in St Andrews High School. His hobbies are gaming and computing. His plans for the future is to go to College and do Digital Media, If successful, this will lead onto going and getting a HNC then onwards to Video Game Production.....hopefully.

Metroid_phobia has been visiting GBAtemp since 7-November 07. What attracted him to GBAtemp was that is seems a kind and fun place to be. Metroid_Phobia was right....

His first video game experience was the Gameboy. Not the best experience to start with but it lead him onto owning two more version of it....strangely enough.

Handheld/Console History

Gameboy Advance,
Gameboy SP,
Playstation 2,
Playstation Portable,
Nintendo DS,
Nintendo DS Lite,
Nintendo Wii.

(in order of Ownership)

Favorite Games

Super Mario Galaxy,
Super Paper Mario,
Mario Kart Wii
Metroid Prime 3,
Super Smash Bros Brawl,
No More Heroes,
Burnout Takedown,
Burnout Revenge,