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So... thought I'd give this Wiki a go.

I'm not very good at editing it...yet, so it'll look plain for a while.


So, my dad got me into gaming; not by showing me games he use to play, or by buying me them, but by buying the original GameBoy, and not letting me play with it!

I discoverd GBATemp sometime last year, when i first discoverd flashcarts, NDS in paticular. I was first going to purchase a random Slot1 Passcard with a random Slot2 flashcart that could only play one NDS game at a time! While searching around for 'BackUps' to download, i discoverd GBATemp, and though I soon realised I couldn't download 'BackUps', I did realise it was a valuble tool, and with the help of a fellow GBATemp member (who's name I've forgotten :( ) I purchesed my first BackUp device, the G6 Lite It's been only recently that I've started using the forums, but know, I visit it just as much, if not more, than I do my MySpace ('cus I'm a loser)

I'm not a hardXcore gamer like alot of the GBATemp members, I haven't owned every console, played every game, but what i have owned, what i have played is what's important to me.

Though i do enjoy gaming, it's not my primary interest; that would belong to music. I don't play or write it, but I listen to a hellav alot of it. Music is what it's all about people, that feeling you get seeing your favourate band ripping up your local Carling Academy's stage, hearing your favourate song and just wanting to air guitar to it. Nothing beats that feeling... (excepy maybe sex?!)


Sega Mega Drive

Sony Playstation 1

Sony Playstation 2

Nintendo GameCube


Nintendo GameBoy

Nintendo GameBoy Colour

Nintendo GameBoy Advance

Nintendo DS

Nintendo DS Lite

BackUp Devices

G6 Lite


This page doesn't really say much about me to be honest, if I knew how to edit it, it'd look alot nicer, and I'd probably add alot more information. But alas, I don't know how to edit it, so no information about me. BUT I do have a MySpace, and I do know how to edit that (though I'm going through a minimalist stage atm). So check it out HERE and have a gander