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Also refer to the [[:Category:NDS Homebrew|NDS Homebrew category]] and [[NDS Homebrew Compatibility List]]
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== NDS Homebrew Applications ==
== NDS Homebrew Applications ==

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NDS Homebrew Applications

Homebrew Emulators for NDS

  • Lameboy - Gameboy (Color) emulator
  • nesDS - Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) emulator
  • PicoDriveDS - Sega Megadrive emulator
  • ScummVM DS - LucasArts games emulator
  • SnesDS - Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) emulator
  • SNEmulDS - Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) emulator
  • SnezziDS - Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) emulator
  • StellaDS - Atari 2600 emulator

NDS Homebrew Games

Other NDS Homebrew