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About Moonshell

Moonshell 2 is by far the most advanced media player for the DS. (This application is the successor to the original Moonshell.) The author of this application is called Moonlight (or Infinite Paralyser originally). The latest/last version of Moonshell is v2.10.

'Moonshell 2' currently supports the following file formats:

-Music Formats: MP1, MP2, MP3, OGG, WAV, M4A, AAC, WMA, TTA, MID, RCP, R36, 721 (Original Format)
-DPG encoded video
-MOD formats: MOD, IT, MTM, S3M, XM, 669, MED, STM, AMF, GDM, ULT, UNI, ASY, IMF, OKT, STX
-Chiptune formats: SPC, NSF, GBS, HES, AY, SAP, KSS
-Playlist formats: M3U, WPL, MPL (Original Format)
-Picture formats: JPG, BMP, GIF (non-animated), PNG, PSD (flattened)
-Text Files

Commercial ROM/Games loading

Although Moonlight has never allowed Commercial/Pirate ROMS to run through Moonshell - several people have found different methods to allow it to do so:

Youtube Video for versions 2.07 to 2.10
Youtube Video for versions 2.08 to 2.09
Youtube Video for versions 2.05 to 2.06

Please note that although videos show it's for the DSTT flashcard - it is the same for virtually all other cards EXCEPT Acekards. A guide for setting up 'YSMenu with Moonshell' can also be found Here as well

For Acekards it is recommended that the nds.akaio.nds loader is used instead of YSMenu, as there has been reports that using YSMenu on Acekard can cause the card to be 'Bricked'

To Install Moonshell

The easiest way is to download the latest version from Moonlight Website (Current/Final version 2.10).

  • Insert your Flashcard microSD card into your PC card reader.
  • Either run the EXE or Extract the ZIP file, depending on which version you download.
  • In the extracted file is a program called 'Setup.exe' - Run this.
  • Select the drive that represents your MicroSD card and click on [Install to ...].
  • In the next box place a tick in the 'Open More' box & Select which options you would like (dustbox/Moonmemo/extra languages/plugins, etc)
  • Click the Update button to continue.

Moonshell will then install all the necessary files to your MicroSD card.

It is also recommended that after it has been installed - you should run the 'LanguageSelect.exe' file to select the correct language. If you don't use this program - then you should run the 'moonshl2.nds' file FIRST when you've inserted your Flashcard & switched on

  • Remove your MicroSD card from your PC & insert into your Flashcard
  • Insert into your DSPhat/DSLite/DSi & switch on
  • Run either 'moonshl2.nds' or 'moonshl2_directboot.nds' to run

Alternatively you just need to copy over the 'moonshl2' folder & 'moonshl2.nds' and 'moonshl2_directboot.nds' files to the ROOT of your MicroSD Card

Moonshell's Shortcut Keys


X/Y: Configure Volume
A: Open File
B: Return to Previous
SELECT: Launch Tabs
START: System Menu
L+X/Y: Configure Brightness
L+A/B: Previous/Next Song
L+R+A: Play all tracks in SD Card
L+Left: Show MP3 Controls
L+Up: Pause
L+R: Pause
L+Down: Toggle Playback Mode
L Double Tap: Previous Track
L Double Tap then Hold: Seek Backward 1%
L Triple Tap: Pause
R+Left or Right: Seek Back/Forward by 1%
R+Up or Down: Seek Back/Forward by 5%
R+A: Play all Tracks in Folder
R Triple Tap: Standby Mode
R Double Tap+Hold: Seek Forward 1%
R Double Tap: Next Track
[Screensaver] Triple Tap: Sleep Mode

How To...

Use Moonshell's recycle bin

  • Create a folder on the root called 'dustbox'
(this may already be created if you selected it within the 'setup.exe' program when installing)
  • Press the [Start] button for more than 3 seconds to move files to the 'dustbox'.
  • Any files deleted from the 'dustbox' folder are totally removed.

Use moonmemo

  • Create a folder called 'moonmemo' in the root of your card.
  • When you create and save a 'memo' it creates a *.bmp file in that folder.

Remove items from the menu

  • Press and hold your stylus on the item to be removed.
  • After about a second, it will be deleted from the menu.

Use Bookmarks

Save a Bookmark

  • Open a TXT file for reading
  • Press [X] to show 4 'bookmark' save positions
  • Select one and press [A] to save your current position

Load a Bookmark

  • Press [Y] to show bookmark saves
  • Highlight to one you want & press [A] to load

Take Screenshots

To take a screenshot of any moonshell screen

  • Ensure there is free space on your SD card.
  • Press and hold the SELECT button for three seconds.
  • When the screenshot has been saved Moonshell will freeze, so you will have to reboot your DS.
  • The screenshot will be saved as a bmp.
  • You will need to reset the DS to return back into Moonshell

Note that the 'grab screenshot function' does not work on a DSi on any version of Moonshell EXCEPT v2.10

Change the wallpaper

  • Press [Select] to view options for image viewing.
  • At the bottom of these options there is one called account for Space between screens. Disable this.
  • View the images with Moonshell2.
  • Press [Start], they will be set as your new wallpaper.

Change the 'skin'

Visit KingdomBlade's post here and scroll down to the 'Skins' section to download a variety of skins or visit janious post

  • Once downloaded unZIP/unRAR the file & you should end up with a file ending in '.skn'.
  • Copy this file anywhere onto your microSD card.
  • Put your MicroSD/Flash card into your DS & switch on.
  • Start up Moonshell & browse to where you stored the .skn file.
  • Highlight the file & press [A] to select.

Increase the Cluster Size limit

By default, Moonshell can only operate on SD cards with a cluster size of 32kb or lower. To remove this limit, open moonshl2.ini in the moonshl folder and under "[DiskAdapter]" change the entry "SlowDiskAccess=0" to "SlowDiskAccess=1". This will allow you to use Moonshell with SD cards with a cluster size of 64kb

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