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NKit documentation is WIP, once released this documentation will be fleshed out and cover as much as possible...


NKit is a Nintendo ToolKit that can Recover and Preserve Wii and GameCube disc images.

Recovery is the ability to rebuild source images to match the known good images verified by Redump

Preserve is the ability to shrink any image and convert it back to the source iso

Key Uses

  • Unscrub Wii/GC images from scene/scrubbed/wbfs(file)/iso.dec/iso/gcz
  • Convert GC images to nkit format (small, playable, reversable)
  • Preserve and shrink Scrubbed and Custom images
  • Preserve Wii images with controlled removal of update partition


  • Recover scrubbed, scene images to match Redump verified images

NKit Preservation Format


  • Wii RVT-R Support
  • Read the above images from Rar/Zip/7zip etc
  • GC nkit format CRC matches source image CRC
  • GC nkit format can be gcz un/compressed by the included apps
  • GC nkit format aligns audio and tgc files to 32k for playability
  • Rename restored images to match Redump dat crc
  • Rename restored images to match a secondary Redump compatible dat crc
  • Insert missing Wii Update (inc rare extra data), Channel and VC partitions
  • Replace Brickblocked Update partitions
  • Auto fixes modified disc headers (where the Data header remains intact)
  • Fixes rare corrupt Wii partition table (caused by WBM)
  • Fixes scrubbed trailing file 0's
  • Fixes truncated Wii images (where the Data partition is intact)
  • Fixes slightly overdumped images (from descramble tools)
  • Fixes Wii Data partitions moved before 0xF800000 to save space
  • Fixes compacted GC images
  • Fixes moved and reordered GC files
  • Fixes modified GC headers (inc. title, region hacks)
  • Fixes mod chip modified GC apploaders
  • Fixes GC images with non conformant junk
  • Fixes modified Wii region and ratings
  • Support for GC images with junk not generated with the image ID
  • All regions supported
  • Optimised for performance
  • GC NKit format is compatible with hardware and Dolphin
  • Wii NKit format removes hashes and encryption (Dolphin Compatible)
  • Reusable library for use in other projects


  • Windows | Linux | Mac (Untested)



Version 1.0