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3DNES is a NES emulator homebrew for 3DS developed by st4rk.

You can find help in the official GBATemp's thread.

NesterJ Emulator Compatibility list edition guidelines

This list already contains all games so you don't need to add them yourself, only edit the color for the compatibility result, the version you used and add a comment if needed.

List of colors and corresponding compatibility:

Status Class
Works ct-works
Issues ct-issues
Doesn't work ct-broken

When you edit the compatibility list, search the game you want to edit and only change the bold part:

| class="ct-works"| Game name
| Notes

The class name on the first line must match the compatibility color's name (look at the color chart above). Replace the second line with the NesterJ tested version. The third line is used for the comments.

Game list

Game Name Version Notes
10 Yard Fight
Family BASIC Needs Keyboard Emulation
Super Mario Bros.
Super Mario Bros. 2
Super Mario Bros. 3