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Pedro's Famous "hrth :grog: shirt"

Pedro C. , also known as "nintendofreak" in many online forums (including GBAtemp, Notebook Review, Paintball Nation, Paintball Review, and countless other sites) is a 2nd year Electrical Engineering student from the California State Polytechnic University Of Pomona, in Pomona California. In his spare time he enjoys playing BF2142, Counter Strike Source, Paintball, Hacking electronics, BMX bikes, And CARS! Mostly Honda's, Mostly Preludes. Mostly 1997-2001 Preludes.

Current Systems Collected

  • NES
  • SNES
  • Super Famicom
  • N64
  • GCN
  • Game Boy
  • Game Boy Color
  • Game Boy Advance
  • Game Boy Advance SP
  • DS "phat"
  • DS Lite
  • XBOX
  • Atari 2600

Current Accessories Collection

  • Robotic Operating Buddy (NES)
  • Power Pad (NES)
  • Light Guns (NES)
  • Power Gloves (NES)
  • Advantage Controller (NES)
  • Satellite (NES)
  • Acclaim Double Player wireless Controllers (NES)
  • Acclaim wireless Controller (NES)
  • Capcom SNES Controller (SNES)
  • Super Scope (SNES)
  • Game Boy Player (SNES)