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OpenChip Info

OpenWii supports a multitude of platforms. These do-it-yourself modchips are open source (GPL) and feature packed.

Current Features

  • Boots Wii originals and backups from same region (100%)
  • Boots Wii originals and backups from other regions (partial)
  • Boots GameCube originals and backups from all regions
  • Boots GameCube homebrew
  • Full DMS / D2A / D2B Chipset Support
  • Updatable via DVD (Atmega8 Platform)
  • 6x DVD Read Speed (Adjustable via Setup Disc)
  • DVD±R & DVD±RW media fully supported
  • 8cm (miniDVD) supported
  • Works on the ATmega8 / ATtiny / PIC and MSP platforms

Not implemented yet:

  • Gamecube audiofix

Firmware Download

You can download the latest firmware from the official OpenWii wiki.

Commercial OpenChips

Some of these chips are sold commercially, such as the Wiip.

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