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Orc is a GBAtemp Advanced Member since February 11, 2006. Orc most notably known for silly antics in the Testing Area (The Edge of Forums) and being a smart ass in general.

GBAtemp History

The Orc Behind The Mask
Orc's IRL alter-ego is a 24-year old lazypoop currently residing in the Philippines. When not posting on GBAtemp, IRLOrc enjoys heavy drinking and talking to people. IRLOrc is fueled by coffee and cannot function without it. (Lack of coffee causes IRLOrc to go on a PMS-like mood.) IRLOrc most of the time, destroys IRLOrc's lungs and polluting the air. IRLOrc does not enjoy long walks on the beach, Orc would rather go swimming.


"In which Orc quests for knowledge about DS flashcarts and PassMe..."

After lurking for a few years on GBAtemp, Orc decided to finally register on the site and ask questions about a newly obtained SuperCard SD and M3. After getting answers regarding the flashcarts and PassMe, Orc went back into lurking and watching behind the scene. Orc occasionally posted on threads about certain games the piqued Orc's interests.

Testing Area

"In which Orc succumbs to the darkness that is The Testing Area..."

In mid 2006, Orc stubled upon the Testing Area and the crazy chaos and fun it contained. Being an agent of Chaos, Orc started posting smartassery and general nonsense. Orc warmed up to certain members (most notably mthrnite and Linkiboy) who also traversed TA's wasteland. Having discovered a true calling, Orc becomes an active member of GBAtemp.


"In which Orc proves that nobody can leave Hotel GBAtemp..."

While towards the end of 2006, Orc suffered health problems IRL. This caused Orc to miss glorious events in GBAtemp and the Testing Area in particular. A worried mthrnite checked up on Orc and called Orc back in to action. By this time, Orc learns that GBAtemp is something more than a forum but a community that will be with you forever. Orc comes back and posts a lot more nonsense (and gains a few more friends) Fast forward 2 years later (give or take a month or two la), Orc "leaves" GBAtemp a second time. This time it was a new job IRL that didn't give Orc as much time time to post poopoo. Without having left a reason for leaving, Linkiboy declares that Orc left because of tinymonkeyt[1].


"In which Orc comes back to different GBAtemp..."

After being set free from IRL projects, Orc arrives much to Orc's dismay, a rather different GBAtemp. Now sprawling with unfamiliar faces and the solid lack of HRTH in the newly christened End of Forums, GBAtemp was lacking the impact it once had that set Orc's heart on fire. (cue: Rage face and camera zooming out) Orc becomes not-so-active at this point though still posting in relatively interesting threads.

Orc's GBAtemp Activities

  • Smartassery with the occasionaly inappropriate material.
  • Writing stuff with large Impact text at size 7. Most of the time centered, rarely making sense.
  • Quotes and random song lyrics on the shoutbox. Sometimes, pictures that nobody wants to see.
  • Posting information along with screenshots on DS releases that nobody would bother looking at anyway.
  • Being mean to Orc's adopted GBAtemp sisters.
  • According to Xcalibur; eating pot noodles and drawing Yaoi hentai. [2]
  • Chilling out with Linkiboy on top of a mountain standing with crossed arms and awesome poses. Sun setting and epic music in the background. A giant robot is beside them.
  • Feeling Good Man

Notable Threads


A tribute to Linkiboy and BoneMonkey.


An MS-Paint drawing thread. The title comes from Dominator's word from iSketch.

GBAtemp Essentials

A thread made of ePeening and not updating.


Icon Orchievements Unlocked
Achieve 1000posts.png 1000 Possum

Post count on GBAtemp reached 1000.

Achieve nointro.png Needs No Introduction

Reached 300 posts without ever starting an Introduction topic.

Achieve edge.png An EDGE Over The Competition

Won one of the 20 Gold EDGE flashcarts in the EDGE Skinning Competition.

Achieve tested.png Proven Tested and Effective

Active during the time of The Testing Area.

Achieve mthr2nd.png Second Coming

Witnessed the leave and return of mthrnite.

Achieve fgm.png Feels Good Man

Generally feels good man.

Achieve pizzabagel.png Has Time For A Pizza Bagel

Ate a pizza bagel.