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Overlord Nadrian is a GBAtemp regular. He joined GBAtemp on the 28th of July, 2008, to be able to download homebrew and game saves for the DS. He only discovered the real forum a while later. His first post was very nooby, bumping a year-old topic asking a silly question. He only made a few posts at that time, but later on in 2009 he started posting more and more, and in the summer of 2009 he posted 1,500 posts in about 2 weeks. That was the time he became popular. Since then he has been visiting the site daily, posting in every topic he's interested in. He made lots of friends, both older and newer members. He has been warned three times in two months for flaming newbies, but the warns were eventually removed because of his good behaviour. He is now part of the Vag Staff, an unofficial group of people that look for spambots and report them. Overall, he's a nice guy, helping people out whenever he can or wants to. He knows a lot about DS games and flashcarts, especially 'his' beloved DSONEi (which now belongs to a certain someone else :D) and currently his DSTWO.


He is an INTJ, according to the Myers-Briggs Test.


He believes in a social democracy (i.e. Sweden), which means he supports a mixed economy, social security, consumer protection, labour rights, environmentalism, progressive taxation, secular and socially progressive policy, human rights, stricter financial regulation, and civil/social/human rights. He believes there should be little to no governance of the internet.


He likes everything, really.

Except whatever it is you listen to. He hates that kind of music.

He also plays music himself. He's been playing the guitar for 8 years now, and slowly but steadily learning how to play the piano, too. That was actually his first choice of an instrument, but due to the inconveniences of not being able to take a piano with him when travelling, he picked the guitar and hasn't ever regretted that decision. Due to his laziness, however, he doesn't play the guitar often anymore, even though he should, but whenever he is asked to play something, be it in class or somewhere else, he can and will most likely play it.


He knows several programming languages: C, C++, Java, a little bit of ARM assembly, and PHP. Currently, he is learning C#. He has done a few projects over the years, including making a couple of homebrew games and applications for the Nintendo DS. He never released them though, because they sucked.

Video Games

His favourite series are the Pokémon series (excluding spin-offs), the Final Fantasy series (including spin-offs) and the Lufia games. He can honestly tell you the whole story over all the series and he remembers all the characters names. Other than those, he enjoys a bit of everything, except semi-realistic shooters (Call of Duty and the likes). However, his favourite video game of all time isn't part of any of his favourite series. It is Terranigma, for the SNES, because the gameplay, graphics and especially the music are simply perfect.

Random Bits 'n Bytes

He has a condescending personality, so if you feel offended by him in any way, shape or forme, get the fuck out. Every piece of technology he owns has been hacked, cracked or altered in a certain way, to fit his way of living. He easily learns new things, but he refuses to learn easy things, as he considers that a waste of time. He likes order and structure, but in a completely different way than most people do. He is an elitist, which means he will do everything in his might to get rid of those he considers to be idiots, ASAP.

Things he owns

  • A DS Phat (silver)
  • A GBA SP (arctic blue)
  • A DSi (white, prerelease)
  • A PSP 1000 (piano black)
  • A Wii (white)
  • A SEGA Mega Drive II
  • A PSX
  • A Nintendo 64
  • A Nokia 6310i
  • A Nokia 2330 classic
  • A SuperCard miniSD (fake, broken)
  • A SuperCard DSONEi
  • A SuperCard DSTWO (won in a raffle, together with another DSTWO he kindly donated to poor ol' Veho)
  • A bunch of games (real copies, not pirated)
  • Hadrian
  • A TI-84 plus
  • A Toshiba Tecra A2 (broken, but he's fixing it)
  • Some keychains, a T-shirt and a cap bought from the Nintendo Club
  • A Sansa Fuze
  • A Palm IIIxe (although he doesn't use it anymore)
  • A pair of Sennheiser HD205s
  • A pair of other Sennheisers
  • A crappy headset
  • Your Mum
  • A Samsung N130 netbook
  • A bunch of microSD cards

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