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This page is intended to list all the jailbreak devices and their available payload binaries.

This page was needed to keep track of all the different versions which exists for many devices, it became really hard to find a specific build across many websites and forum posts.

To link to a new build, you can either direct link to the file, to a web website or to a message on a forum.

When creating the link, specify which PS3 firmware the build was made for, as there is now possibility to run the PSGroove on PS3 firmware 3.01, 3.10, 3.15 and 3.41

If it's a direct link, try to include the .patch, the payload, and a readme.txt (or nfo) in the archive.

Example :

PSGroove Hermes v2
Compiled by Ext4, from
For Ipod video (5g & 5.5g) with Rockbox firmware
Using Rockbox r28160

PSGroove Payload chart


H = Homebrew only ; P = Patched for bdvd support ; U = unknown

PSGroove : Initial version, need a bluray disc in the drive
PSGroove patch 1.1 : Patched by Hermes, Enable Peek & Poke and enable playing a backup without a bluray in the drive. (Needed by Backup Manager 2.0)
PSGroove Herves v2 : Game controller fix v1 (F1, SFIV, etc.) but need Patched mode in Open Manager 1.13
PSGroove Hermes v3 : Game controller fix v2, no more Patched mode needed, use with Open Manager 1.16, add homebrew support in /apps_home/PS3_GAME.
Waninkoko Payload : Compatible with 3.01, 3.10, 3.15, 3.41 firmwares, no bluray in drive patch.

The linked number specify the PS3 firmware version.

Device PSgroove PSgroove
Hermes v2
Hermes v3
Waninkoko Payload
Source or patch Source Source Source Source
Arduino_duemilanove P3.41?
Arduino_mega P3.41?
AT90USBKEY P3.41 P3.41?
(at90usb1287 & 8MHz)
P3.41 P3.41
(at90usb1287 & 8MHz)
P3.41 P3.41 P3.41 P3.41?
(at90usb162 & 8mhz)
Benito P3.41 P3.41
Ipod 4thgen
Ipod 4thgen
P3.41 P3.41
Ipod Video 5thgen
Ipod Video 5.5thgen
H3.41, P3.41
for Rockbox r28156
for Rockbox r28155
Ipod mini 1st gen
Ipod mini 2nd gen
P3.41 P3.41
Ipod nano 1stgen H3.41, P3.41 P3.41
for Rockbox r28160
Ipod Touch 1stgen P3.41
Maximums AVR USB P3.41
Minimums AVR USB
(at90usb162 & 16Mhz)
Olimex AVR USB
(162at90usb162 & 8Mhz)
P3.41 P3.41 P3.41?
(atmega16u4, 8Mhz)
U3.41 U3.41 P3.41?
PIC 182455 P3.41
PIC 18F2550 P3.41
PSGrooPic P3.41v1.7a P3.01-3.41v1.6c
Sansa e200v1,c200v1 H&P3.41 P3.41 P3.41 P3.41
Sansa e260
Teensy 1.0 & BlackCatUSB
(at90usb162 & 16MHz)
P3.41 P3.41 P3.41 P3.41?
Teensy++ 1.0 :
(at90usb646 & 16MHz)
P3.41 P3.41 P3.41 P3.41?
Teensy 2.0
(atmega32u4 & 16MHz)
P3.41 P3.41 P3.41 P3.41?
Teensy++ 2.0
(at90usb1286 & 16MHz)
P3.41 P3.41 P3.41 P3.41?
USBkey 16mhz P3.41
USBkey 8mhz P3.41 P3.41 P3.41?
TI84+ Sylver
P3.41 P3.41
Xbox360 USB/SPI Flasher


For all the PSFreedom compatible devices, look here