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PSGroove Guide for ROCKbox


This guide will cover the Playstation 3 PSGroove port for devices using the Rockbox Open Source Jukebox Firmware.

Compatible Devices

PSGroove port is compatible with device using a CPU version "PP502x"

Here is the way to check your own device's CPU version :

Start up Rockbox on your device, then go to System -> Debug -> View HW info.

According to CPU version, PSGroove for Rockbox should be compatible with these devices :

  • GoGear HDD1630
  • GoGear HDD6330
  • GoGear sa1200

  • iPod 4G Grayscale
  • iPod 4G Color/Photo
  • iPod Video 5G/5.5G
  • iPod Mini 1G
  • iPod Mini 2G
  • iPod Nano 1G
  • (The iPod Nano 2G is not RockBox compatible yet (no possible PSGroove port))

  • Iriver H10 5GB
  • Iriver H10

  • M-Robe 100

  • Sansa C200 V1
  • Sansa E200 V1
  • Sansa E200 R

  • Samsung YH820
  • Samsung YH920
  • Samsung YH950

  • Tatung Elio TPJ-1022

  • Toshiba Gigabeat S (not F or X)

  • Vibe 500


How to install

First, you need to install Rockbox firmware on your device.

Once installed, you will have to replace a file with another one.

The new file fully disable the Rockbox USB functionality and allow PSGroove to send Data to the PS3.

Rockbox USB functionality will not work anymore (computer interaction, file browsing, etc.), use the Disk mode (Select+play when booting an iPod) to connect to computer to acces your player's files.

Rockbox firmware installation

1. Download the Rockbox installer.
2. Run the program and go to the file/preferences to pick your device's model.
3. Then, go to Installation tab, and install the bootloader
4. Once done, install Rockbox and select either the Stable Rockbox, or the Archived version if you want to retain your Rockbox usability as a normal player.

Note : The best choice would be to install the exact same revision which was used by the PSGroove patch. The installer doesn't give you the choice to install a given revision, you will have to download it yourself and replace the .rockbox folder on your device manually.

PSGroove installation

PSGroove replace the USB mode by a USB Hub.
Connecting the device to your computer won't work anymore unless you force the Disk mode.
To access Disk mode on an iPod: Reset your player (hold Menu+Select), when you see the Apple logo hold Select+Play.

Installing PSgroove on your player can be done using 2 methods :

1. RockBox-PSGroove Installer

Rockbox-PSGroove installer

Rockbox-PSGroove installer Requires Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0

It will install a new bootloader to your media player which allow you to select which firmware you want to use (Original, Rockbox, PSGroove, Disk mode).

It will then replace your rockbox firmware with one from the included PSGroove patched firmware to your player.

Pros :

  • Easy and automatic installation for many devices
  • Install a Bootloader menu (iPod, Linux, Rockbox, PSGroove)

Cons :

  • Only for Windows
  • No PSGroove version choice (You have to download the needed PSGroove files and replace them in the installer sub-folder before using the installation button)

2. Manual installation

Replace device:/.rockbox/rockbox.ipod (if you are using an iPod) by the one provided by your PSGroove compiled binary

3. Alternative solution for multiple payloads

You can have multiple payloads on your device and choose which one you want to reload by placing all the .ipod files in a folder, and loading them manually with the Rockbox files explorer.

- Keep your original device:/.rockbox/rockbox.ipod firmware.

- Create a folder at the root of your device, example : device:/PS3/.

- Rename the payload files to a name matching the payload version : Hermesv3.ipod, hermesv4b.ipod, PL3_23-10-10.ipod etc.

- Place the files in your device:/PS3/ folder.

- Boot your device and configure it to show all compatible files (Settings/General Settings/File View/Show Files/Supported or All).

- Now each time you want to boot your PS3, go to the file browser, and select a .ipod file, it will reboot into the corresponding PSGroove or PL3 firmware.

Pros :

  • Keep the original Rockbox firmware intact, so the USB port is always working. You don't need to go in Disk Mode anymore when you connect the device to computer.
  • Multiple versions available, you don't need to reconnect the device to the computer when you want to boot the PS3 with another one.

Cons :

  • Need to go to the files explorer and reload a firmware instead of direct boot in jailbreaking mode.

How to use

1. Power cycle the PS3

2. Disconnect your earphones, and Reset the Ipod with Menu+Select (Important for first PSGroove versions!).

3. When Rockbox is loaded, connect the device to the PS3, power ON the console and push Reset quickly.


  • Does the original PSGroove port for Rockbox read bdvd?

No, you have to modify the source and recompile, (patching the rockbox.ipod in an hexeditor doesn't work. Rockbox won't boot because of checksum error)

  • How do I enable bdvd?

If you want to patch the sources and compile it yoursef, look for the port1_config_descriptor[] in the psgroove_descriptors.h file, search for 0x78, 0x78, 0x78, 0x78 and change it to 0x62, 0x64, 0x76, 0x64.

Else, download a payload from the list bellow as they are already patched for bdvd support.



Original PSGroove port to rockbox video.

Rockbox patch provided by shuffle2.


This is a patch for rockbox which replaces usb functionality with that of psgroove.

Currently it is only functional on PP502x targets, and has only been tested on a
5th generation ipod video.

Additionally, the descriptors/payload is the vanilla psgroove data at the moment.
I hope to eventually port Aaron's changes to build descriptors at compile time...
or someone else can do this change and commit it :)

Note : This PSGroove port doesn't include the bdvd access. It's for homebrews only.

Payload binaries available for devices :

PSGroove 1.0 + bdvd patch

Payload binaries available for devices :

PSGroove 1.1 (Hermes Patch)

Add Peek & Poke
Enable playing a backup without a bluray in the drive (NoDisc mode)

Payload binaries available for devices :

PSGroove Hermes v2.0

Introduce a Patched mode to correct the Controller issues with some games (F1 2010, Street Fighter IV, etc.)

Payload binaries available for devices :

PSGroove Hermes v3.0

Better Controller fixes. No need for a Patched mode anymore.

Payload binaries available for devices :

PSGroove Hermes v3.0fix (HWM)

Enable installation of updates and retail demo .pkg from the Install package files menu

Payload binaries, compiled by Cyan, available for devices :

Note : The complete firmware version is available for users using the PSGroove'd Rockbox firmware and wanting to keep the audio playback functionality. In order to prevent the firmware and themes incompatibility with the PSGroove version, I compiled the full .rockbox folder matching the same revision as the PSGroove one (Rockbox r28160).

PSGroove Hermes v4.0(b)

Improved NoDisc mode. Code cleanup.

Payload binaries, compiled by Cyan, available for devices :


PL3 is the latest payload. It doesn't include Peek&Poke, and use syscall 35 instead of 36 so it will work only with recent homebrew using syscall35.

The PL3 version is usually referred to as the date of the change.

PL3_23.10.2010 allows Backup managers to play games requiring firmware up to 3.42, even if the PS3 is using an older firmware. (Needs a compatible backup manager)

For the PL3 sources, check Original PL3 git, or Rockbox PL3 git.