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Screen name ProtoKun7
Member no. 151372
Joined 3 Jan 2009
Gender Male
Species Time Lord
Member Group Global Moderators
IRC Group Operators
Section of choice Other Discussions, et al.
Flashcart CycloDS Evolution, SC DSTWO
ProtoKun7 has been has been a member of GBAtemp since January 3rd 2009.

ProtoKun7 is a Time Lord, from the planet Gallifrey, perhaps better known by other aliases Theta Sigma (or simply Thete), or the Doctor. More recently, he can be frequently sighted in the 21st century era of the planet known as Earth (also known as Sol 3 or Ravalox). He was promoted to the rank of Forum Moderator on 23rd February 2011, along with Cyan, GeekyGuy and Depravo, and (along with them), promoted to Global Moderator on 5th June 2012.

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