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  • Name: PuzzleManiak
  • Description: Collection of puzzle games
  • Rating:
  • Latest version: 2.0
  • Author(s): Alx
  • URL: Homepage
  • Download: click here

PuzzleManiak is a partial port of the Simon Tatham’s Portable Puzzle Collection on Nintendo DS.

13 games are ported on NDS now: Tents, Dominosa, Mines, Bridges, Light Up (aka Akari), Pattern (aka Picross), Net (aka Netwalk), Untangle (aka Planarity), Sudoku (aka Solo), Galaxies, Slitherlink (aka Loopy), Blackbox and Mastermind (aka Guess). Graphic themes are now supported.

High scores are managed locally, but also through wifi on web site.

A 'daily challenge' is also available, that let players play against each other on a different puzzle everyday.

Here are some screenshots :

File:Select tents.png File:Tents play 3.png

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