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General Info

Hi, I'm Rydian. I'm male, around 23, and live in the US. I spend a lot of time online because I prefer it to social stuff. I used to have social phobias, but that's been lessened by my time in college.

Gaming Interests

My first gaming systems were the SNES, Genesis, Game Gear, and Gameboy/Color. I currently have a black DSi, case-modded PSP 2000, and front-lit red GBA SP. I mainly do portable systems (DS/PSP) or emulation nowadays, though with my love of emulation I pretty much don't get a system unless I can run homebrew on it. I'm fond of games with a lot of interactivity and replayability, though that's not to say I won't play a flash puzzle game now and then.

Username Origin

It's the name of my fursona, Rydian Ryuu Morrison. Morrison is from Tales Of Phantasia, Ryuu is from the BoF series, and Rydian is from god-knows-where.

Arrival At GBAtemp

After failing to complete US Air Force training I arrived at my grandparent's in the middle of the night due to the nature of the flight. Since I was totally starved for entertainment and such, I decided to drive to Walmart and buy myself a DSi (because it has a web browser) and Pokemon Platinum. With a new pokemon game to keep me busy and the DSi giving me access to furry porn for the first time in 8 weeks, I was pretty happy passing the time until I could return home. Before actually going home I decided to google up on flash carts since I had heard a bit about them. After reading the wikipedia article I decided on an Acekard 2i and ordered it to be sent to my home, not yet realizing that it wouldn't be updated for the DSi's firmware 1.4. When I got home and confirmed the flash cart wouldn't work, I put out a craigslist ad to find somebody with a DS/Lite I could use to apply the update I had just found... that was posted on GBAtemp.

First Activity

I joined the forum to argue with a member in a thread (of course).

General Activity

I tend to write guides, because it just makes things that much easier if what you want to do is already laid out in front of you. I also like to go around and re-make older guides, because it's a pain in the ass when you're trying to follow a guide that doesn't account for any OS newer than XP or something like that, 'ya know? In addition newer tools and methods can make some guides obsolete, and the less there is to read the more likely a user is to actually read it. And lastly, I tend to abandon guides as I stop caring about them for one reason or another.

Magazine Staff

I was approached by staff once or twice for my input on various things, then got an invitation to be Magazine Staff. Being Magazine staff really intimidated me at first (you should have seen me checking myself 5 times over whenever I added something), but I slowly grew into the position; learning what should be written which way, getting used to mirroring things on filetrip, and so on. I'm really glad for VatoLoco doing what he does, since he takes care of most of the homebrew news that gives me time to focus on the situational writeups and general guide projects. I've pulled back from being Mag staff due to a lack of time lately. Might request back later if I have free time.


A major project that's on the back-burner for now due to time constraints is a collaboration with Another World and various others, we hope to be able to show it off proudly once it's finished, and make it a major informative feature of the site.