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SNES Roms compatibility list with SNEmulDS.
Please order games alphabetically!

Status Class
Works ct-works
Partially works ct-issues
Doesn't work ct-broken
ROM Title Version Notes
2020 Super Baseball 0.6 Minor graphical glitches
3 Ninjas Kickback 0.6 Works well
AAAHH!!! Real Monsters 0.5a No problems that I have noticed.
Actraiser (G) 0.5a Works, some speed issues and major graphic glitches. Random freezes.
Actraiser (U) 0.6 Menus are missing, Mode7 is glitchy, loads but is unplayable.
Addams Family (U) 0.5a Works, some speed issues. [fixed with "Full speed hack option" but then crashes with white screen at loss of life].
Adventures of Batman and Robin(U) 0.5a Works very well. Some layer issues but otherwise fully playable.
Aero Fighters (U) [!] 0.5a Near perfect.
Aero The Acrobat (U) [!] 0.5a Goes to iguana logo, then stops. Music still plays.
Arcade's Greatest Hits - The Atari Collection 1 (US) 0.5b Pick a game, loops back to menu. Never plays.
Animaniacs (U) [!] 0.6 WIP-2 Some major graphic corruption in the background. Some weird ordering of start menu text. Changing Sprites to 3/2/0/1 fixes it. Password screen doesn't show characters unless Sprites is changed to 3/2/2/1. Game is somewhat playable if you can get past the flashing corruption.
Asterix (E) [!] 0.5a Black screen after logo.
Bahamut Lagoon (J) [!] [T+Fr_Terminus Trad] 0.5b Works fine until a battle, black / white screen.
Ball Bullet Gun (J) [T+Eng1.01_AGTP] 0.5a Graphics are all garbage, won't start without a speed hack. Changing layers doesn't help.
Battletoads & Double Dragon - The Ultimate Team (U) [!] 0.5a White screen after logo.
Battletoads in Battlemaniacs (U) [!] + (U) [BETA] 0.5a Major graphic bugs, but sprites still show. Still reasonably playable.
Bio Metal (U) [!] 0.5a Absolutely perfect graphically. Sound is kinda choppy, and can be some slowdown with multiple enemies onscreen.
Breath of Fire 0.5b Set BG 130, plays great.
Breath of Fire II 0.5b Set Full Speed Hacks and Wait Vsync on.
Brunswick World Tournament of Champions (US) 0.5b Freezes at first screen
Bubsy 1 (U) 0.5a Works, but with some sound glitches.
Bubsy 2 (U) 0.5a Works in some areas, in others Bubsy won't stop jumping.
Captain Commando (U) [!] 0.5a Near perfect.
Castlevania 10 (U) 0.5b Major graphic glitches.
Choplifter III - Rescue Survive (U) 0.5a2 Almost Perfect
Chrono Trigger (U) (V1.0) [!] 0.5b Minor graphical glitches, sound skips occasionally. Very playable.
Clock Tower (J) [T+Eng_1.01AGTP] 0.5a White screen. Speed hacks don't help.
Cool Spot (E)[!] 0.5a Major graphic glitches
Cyber Knight (J) [T+Eng1.01_AGTP] 0.5a Use 2/3/0/1 for proper layers. Freezes often. But seems to emulate gfx/sound fine.
Cyber Knight II (J) [T+Eng1.00_AGTP] 0.5a Goes to menu but doesn't accept button input.
Dark Half (J) [T+Eng.25_Kleptosoft] 0.5a Enable full speedhacks to avoid freeze at logo. Then turn them off once ingame. Runs almost perfect aside from layering issues.
Demon's Crest (U) 0.5b Near perfect emulation ; if game freezes, try to switch off sound. But you can't go to the world Map, a glitch makes Arma Boss invincible...
Dennis the Menace 0.6 Major graphical glitches, the game is slow, even with "Fast Speed" on, still playable.
Dezaemon SFC 0.5b Does not work."Dezaemon for super famicom" appears, but when it's beginning to run ,it loops.
Digital Devil Story 2 (J) 0.5a Flickering text boxes, minor mode 7 graphics glitches, some sound problems. Playable.
Dino City (E) [!] 0.6 WIP-2 Game is playable but need to mess with Background & Sprites Options for individual levels to get all the terrain to show up.
Donald Duck Mahou no Boushi (J) 0.5b Plays very well. Entirely in Japanese however.
Donkey Kong Country (E) 0.5a Minor graphical glitches(often with layers), sound is rarely distorted, minor layering problems, slowdowns when more than 4-5 sprites are on the screen. Pretty playable overall.

On some levels with layering problems you might want to set BG3 off (that is BG1 / BG2 / OFF / SPR) for them to be playable.

Donkey Kong 2: Diddy's Kong Quest (U) (V1.1) 0.5a2 Minor graphical glitches (most often when water/lava, etc are present), sound is rarely distorted, minor layering problems, slowdowns when more than 4-5 sprites are on the screen. Pretty playable overall.
Donkey Kong 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble (U) [!] 0.5a Minor graphical glitches, sound is rarely distorted, minor layering problems, slowdowns when more than 4-5 sprites are on the screen. Pretty playable overall.
Doom (U) [!] 0.5a white screen
Dragon - The Bruce Lee Story (U) [!] 0.5a Sprites and backgrounds look 25% transparent, aside from that perfectly playable.
Dragon Ball Z - Super Butouden 3 (E) [!] 0.5a Music and sound are great, but the background flickers from side to side. Health bars don't show unless squish more is enabled. Graphic garbage may be present with some chars.
Dragon Quest V (J) (Trad Eng Dejap) 0.5b Nearly flawless, has negligable layering issues and few a few graphical glitches. Perfectly playable.
Dragon Quest VI (J) (Trad Eng Dejap) 0.5b Major graphic glitches - text unreadable.
Earthbound (U) [!] 0.5b Some sound and layering issues. Very playable, but with frequent crashing.
Earthworm Jim (U) [!] 0.5a Some sound glitches. Fully playable
Earthworm Jim 2 0.6 WIP-2 Major graphical glitches on menus. Some sounds missing. Gameplay fine but prone to freezing (possibly caused by firing blaster).
E.V.O. - Search for Eden (U) 0.5b Some graphic glitches.
F-Zero (U) (V1.0) [!] 0.5b Minor graphical glitches
F-Zero 2 (U) 0.5b Minor graphical glitches
Final Fight 3 (U) [!] 0.5b Almost perfect. Only one minor graphical glitch noticed on few points during the game. Choose "Wait vblank".
Final Fantasy III (U) (V1.0) (Retrans 2.00a - SkyRender) 0.5b Major graphic glitches, sound comes out garbled or in shrieks.(works in 0.4final)
Final Fantasy V (English Trad) 0.5b Major graphic problems - use BG3 priority to make castle visible during intro. Text readable but in-Game Menus NOT usable. Battles OK...
Firemen,The (Proto) 0.5b White screen
Flashback (U) 0.6 Very playable. Save states don't work, full-screen scaling is necessary but makes level passwords hard to read, otherwise perfect.
Front Mission (J) [T+Eng1.0b_FH] 0.5a Sometimes doesn't go past naming screen. Won't work with any speed hacks but cycle. Text doesn't show up, no matter what layer setting.
Front Mission - Gun Hazard 0.5b Black screen at the beginning.
Gintama Oyakata no Jissen Pachinko Hisshouhou (J) 0.5a Producer logo shows, then the screen turns white
Goof Troop (U) 0.5a Absolutely perfect in all aspects.
Gundam Wing: Endless Duel (J) 0.5a Change layers to 3/3/3/3. Minor graphic glitches.
Harvest Moon (U) 0.6a Now works perfectly with VERY few errors.
Illusion of Gaia (U) 0.5a Need to play with the speed hacks in order to get passed the title screen. After that there are sound issues and layer issues as well as random freezes.
Inspector Gadget (U) 0.5a2 Minor graphic glitches. Playable
Jurassic Park (U) 0.6 Works, Random Graphic and Layer Issues. Indoor First Person Mode looks and feels laggy.
Jurassic Park II - The Chaos Continues (U) 0.6 Freezes at Loading Screen
Killer Instinct (E) [!] 0.6 WIP-2 White screen at the beginning.
Killer Instinct (U) (V1.0) [!] 0.5a Graphic glitches,controls stop working at the select character screen
Kirby's Dream Course (U) 0.5b Change layers to 3/2/3/ BG2(Low)= 1. sounds ok
Kirby's Dream Land 3 (U) 0.5a WILL NOT WORK - USES UNEMULATED SA-1 CHIP
Legend of Zelda: A Link to the past (E) [!] 0.5a No sound, minor graphic glitches
Legend of Zelda: A Link to the past (U) [!] 0.5b Almost perfect, minor graphic glitches.
Legend of Zelda: Parallel Worlds v1.0 (U) [!] 0.5b Almost perfect, minor graphic glitches.
Live a Live (J) (Trad Eng) 0.5b Playable but with major graphic glitches. Sound garbled.
Lufia and the Fortress of Doom (U) 0.6 WIP-2 Game works, when you use magics in battle your gonna freeze at the end, theres also some minor graphic issues and changing the scaling bugs some of the graphics.
Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals (U) 0.6 WIP-2 The battle is all messed up and theres some minor graphics issues.
Magic Knight Rayearth (U) 0.5b Turn sound off to prevent freezes. Some layer issues : change to BG2 priority. Fully Playable
Marchen Adventure Cotton 100% 0.5a2 Works good. Sound is skippy. Some graphical bugs, especially in the Game Over screen. Use Cycles Speed Hacks, or it freezes.
Mario Paint (E) [!] 0.5a2 Works well. Audio jumps quite often, video is flawless!
Mario Paint (JU) [h1] (Joystick) 0.6 WIP-2 Works well, only the music editing stuff dosen't really work (tempo problems). Can be fixed by speeding up the tempo a bit and holding L or R while playing (only in the joystick hack).
Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow (U) [!] 0.5a Major graphic glitches, Freezes after Menu.
Maximum Carnage (U) 0.5a Graphical glitches and layering issues.
Megaman VII (U) 0.6 WIP-2 Minor graphical glitches.
Megaman X (U) 0.6a Game works near-perfectly. VBlank. Set GFX Settings to Priority:BG1 BG3:Off Blank:0 BG1:0 BG2:3 BG3:3 BG1(low):1 S1:3 S2:3 S3:1 S4:0 This fixes all layer problems except for the ship at the end of the first level (Which can be fixed, but destroys everything else). Game doesn't keep armor after stages.
Megaman X2 (U) 0.5a2 Runs normal but no sprites shown due to the special chips not emulated.
Megaman X3 (U) 0.5a2 No sprites shown due to the special chips not emulated.
Metal Warriors (U) 0.5a Change layers to 2/0/3/1 and enable wait vblank or it has major layering issues/speedup problem. Even with those fixes, it still has major graphic issues, such as text not showing up with 2/0/3/1 and random sprites in the space layer. Don't press start or it will put random sprites all over your screen until you reset. Fairly playable.
Mortal Kombat (U) 0.5b Major Graphic Glitches, Random Restarts
Mortal Kombat 2 (U) 0.5b Works if you turn off sound. Some minor graphics glitches but fights are fine.
Mystick Ark (J) [T+Eng_Aeon Genesis 1.01] 0.6 WIP-2 Some graphics issues on the monsters in battles and sometimes the game slows down but its not a big deal and other than that its all perfect.
NBA Jam (U) (V1.0) 0.5a Graphic glitches,fully playable
Nickelodeon GUTS (U) 0.6 Graphics seem to overlap, freezes on some event, still playable
Ninja Gaiden Trilogy (U) [!] 0.5b Near perfect, fully playable.
Paperboy 2 (U) [!] 0.6 WIP-2 Game is very playable. There is some graphical corruption on the left hand side of the screen. Loading a save state doesn't seem to work.
Panel de Pon (Japan) 0.6 Game is fully working with no slowdown at all.
Parodius (J) 0.5b Fully playable - minor glitches
Pilotwings (E) 0.5a Menus OK, then black screen when playing...
Pop'n Twinbee (U) 0.5a Runs perfect.
Power Rangers: The Fighting Edition (U) 0.6a Near perfect, if not already perfect
Prince Of Persia (U) 0.5a2 Change Layers to 3/3/3/3 makes it very playable. Sound is a bit garbled.
Prince Of Persia 2 (U) 0.5a White screen (worked in 0.4 final, with major graphic glitches)
Rayman (Prototype) ?.?
Sailor Moon: Another Story (RPG) (U) 0.5a use BG1/BG2/BG3/SPR, sound glitches and subtitles behind characters.
Scooby Doo (U) 0.5a2 Works near perfectly, sounds is clear.
Secret of Evermore (U) 0.5a Does work!, press start and sett no sound at white screens after the Squaresoft logo, a few graphics glitches and settings and items select unviewable. Playable to some part. Try save and load state at very glitchy areas.
Secret of Mana (E) (V1.1) 0.5a Many Sound glitches, layer issues, but game is playable.
Seiken Densetsu 3 (J) [T+Eng_DeJap] 0.5a Runs, but the text cannot be seen, layering and texture problems, sound garbled. Unplayable.
Seiken Densetsu 3 (J) [T+Fr_Terminus Trad] 0.5b Runs, intro ok, but the text cannot be seen, layering and texture problems, sound garbled. Unplayable.
Sensible Soccer - International Edition (E) 0.5a Stuck at Sensible Software screen on the beginning. Unplayable.
Shadow, The 0.5a Graphical glitches, main character sprite visible, background cannot be made out. Unplayable.
Shadowrun (U) [!] 0.5a Only face images garbled while talking. All TEXT WORKS! minor layering issues. 100% Playable!
SimCity (E) and (F) [!] 0.5a2 Text is not always very readable, some minor sound glitches, and the game is not perfectly scaled : the top of the screen is a bit cut, but the game is perfectly playable.
Smash T.V. (J) 0.5a2 Near perfect. Sounds ok too
S.O.S. (U) [!] 0.5b Black screen and no sound.
Soulblazer (U) 0.5a2 Black screen.
Spider-Man The Animated Series(U) 0.5a Works very well. Some layer issues but otherwise fully playable.
Spiderman And XMen In Arcades Revenge (U) 0.5b Near Perfect. Some layer issues in Gambit Stage. Sound Awesome.
Star Fox 0.6 WIP-2 WILL NOT WORK - USES UNEMULATED SUPER-FX CHIP (sound works, not visuals)
Street Fighter II Turbo - Hyper Fighting (E) (V1.1) [!] 0.5a Sound very glitchy, but game is fully playable
Street Fighter II - The World Warrior (E) 0.5a Sound very glitchy, but black screen after characters.
Sunset Riders 0.5a The bulls, trains and certain crates are layered behind background, making them invisible. Other than that, fully playable with minor glitches.
Super Bomberman (USA) 0.6 Minor graphical glitches. Fully playable.
Super Bomberman 2 0.6 WIP-2 Minor graphical glitches. Fully playable.
Super Bomberman 5 - Gold Cartridge (J) [!] 0.5b Near perfect sound(some skips) and minor graphic glitches (Go into GFX congif menu then exit to fix BG issues). Fully playable
Super Bonk (U) 0.5b No problems at all.
Super Buster Bros. (U) 0.5a2 Works nearly perfectly, and is fully playable. Very minor audio and video glitches.
Super Castlevania IV (U) 0.6 WIP-2 Fully playable, near flawless emulation. Minor sprite layering issues (You can see the moon over walls) and occasional flickers on the stat bars, but other than that, perfect.
Super Contra III (U) 0.5a Works very well. Some layer issues (Need to configurate for certain situations like boss battles or mini bosses) but otherwise fully playable.
Super Double Dragon (U) 0.5a2 Layering Issues. Slow at startup and between stages; adjust speed hacks to get by them.
Super Probotector (E) 0.5a Works very well. Some layer issues but otherwise fully playable.
Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts (E) 0.5a Minor layer issues. Fully Playable.
Super Mario All-Stars (U) [!] 0.6 WIP-2 Everything works well, but sometimes there are menu/title screen glitches (especially when quitting from SMB2), it can be fixed by manually reseting the ROM. You may like to toy around with scaling.
Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World (E) [!] 0.5a2 Moderate graphic glitches. BGM Skipping.
Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World (U) [!] 0.5b SMB1/LL/2: Framing issue with default settings(can't see the ground & pits), use YScroll: Bottom. SMB3: Minor layering issues, playable. SMW: Seems buggier than SMW(U), use that instead.
Super Mario Kart (U) [!] 0.5a Freezes at opening Nintendo symbol.
Super Mario World (U) (V1.0) [!] 0.5b Will work fine until the boss battles. Some minor graphics glitches and sound gargles. HUD not entirely visible. Use v0.6 WIP2 and use Squish HUD to fix the HUD.

(use BG1:3 BG2:3 BG3:0)

Super Mario World 2 - Yoshi's Island (U) [!] 0.5b Doesn't start, SuperFX(2) chip not supported.
Super Mario RPG (E) 0.5b Doesn't work. Game doesn't boot.
Super Metroid (J,U) [!] 0.5b Some graphic and sound glitches, but game is playable. When fighting Kraid, try changing layers and his body will show up.
Super Metroid (E) 0.5b Some graphic and sound glitches, but game is playable. When fighting Kraid, try changing layers and his body will show up.
Super Noah's Ark 3D (U) [!] 0.6 WIP-2 Unplayable in short. Graphical corruption prevents the player from seeing anything except the HUD.
Super Puyo Puyo (J) (V1.2) [!] 0.5a ROM runs, but falling puyos are invisible (probably a layering issue), they appear when they hit the ground. Hence the game is unplayable, due to a graphic bug.
Super R-Type (U) [!] 0.5a Some sound glitches. Fully playable
Super Soccer (U) [!] 0.5a Stuck at logo, will start with sound off but pad doesn't work
Super Star Wars Empire Strikes Back (E) 0.5a Starts OK when sound is disabled(either does not run with sound or sound renders it extremely slow). Layers issues and graphic glitches render it almost unplayable.
Super Star Wars Return of the Jedi (U) 0.5a Starts OK when sound is disabled(either does not run with sound or sound renders it extremely slow). Layers issues and graphic glitches render it almost unplayable.

First level which is mode 7 works fine though.

Super Tecmo Bowl 3 (U) 0.5a2 No sound. Lots of layering and squish issues. Shows a white screen after selecting choice after cointoss.
Super Tennis (U) [!] 0.5a Lots of background graphic glitches. Can play but is annoying, once in a while may crash during court changing.
Tales of Phantasia (J) (Dejap English Trans) 0.5b Doesn't Boot
Terranigma (E) [!] 0.5a Works fine. Enable squish and turn on full speed hacks during the intro to avoid freeze, then switch to cycles during gameplay or else you'll lag. Minor graphics glitches.
Terminator, The (E) [!] 0.6 WIP-2 Minor graphical corruption with the background. Changing Sprites 0-3 to 3/2/0/1 will fix some of it. Loading a save state doesn't seem to work. Text in the start menu is a little hard to read. Otherwise it works well.
Tetris Attack (E) 0.5a Sound garbled in spots. Minor graphic glitches (cursor sometimes misaligns with the blocks). Might be corrected through special configuration, though not tested further. Fully playable.
The Incredible Crash Dummies (E) 0.5b Near perfect
The Jetsons - The Invasion of the Planet Pirates (U) 0.5b Some graphic errors, fully playable.
The Simpsons - Bart's Nightmare (E) 0.5a Pretty important graphic glitches, minor sound glitches
Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends 0.6 This game does have graphic problems, especially in the "Let's Race Bertie/Percy" part.
Tintin in Tibet (E) 0.5b Doesn't work. If you press start you can hear his dog bark but the screen remains black. It seems to crash at the titlescreen as the music doesn't change, which it should if you press start.
TMNT Turtles in Time (U) (V1.1) [!] 0.5a Near perfect sound and VERY minor graphic glitches (99% perfect). Fully playable
Total Carnage (U) 0.5a The game starts up fine with minor layer issues. Once in the game, the controls stop working.
Turn and Burn - No-Fly Zone (U) [!] 0.6 WIP-2 A few places have some graphical corruption. Changing Sprites 0-3 to 3/3/1/1 will fix some of it. Other than that the game is playable.
Ultima VI - The False Prophet (U) 0.5a Sound garbled in spots. Minor graphic glitches/layering issues. Fully playable.
Ultima VII - The Black Gate (U) 0.5a Minor graphic/sound issues. Text issues. Freezes @ death? Won't always start.
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3(U) 0.5b Freezes at start.
Uniracer (U) [!] 0.5a Game works fine with sound off, menus still invisible.
Unirally (E) [!] 0.6 WIP-2 Graphical glitches. Set layers to OFF/0/0/0 for menus, 0/0/0/0 for races.
Wario's Woods (U) 0.5 Fully playable, requires BG3 layer fixing.
Wonder Project J - Kikai no Shounen Pino [T+Fre1.1_GenerationIX] 0.5b Fully playable! Put the layers config on 3/3/3/3, in order to fix the minor graphic glitches
Worms (E) 0.5a Game works fine with some graphic glitches, sound works great, but menu text is not visible (BG2?). So this is ver hard to play(or to start playing).
Ys 3 - Wanderers from Ys (U) 0.5b Some layer problems - Game runs 50% faster than normal ; playable though.
Yogi Bear (E) 0.5b Some minor graphic glitches, playable, but difficult.
Zombies Ate My Neighbors (U) [!] 0.5a Works almost perfect. Runs a bit fast. Enable wait vblank to fix.