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ShadowMacOSX10.4Leopard (born February 19, 1992), most commonly known as Tom Walters and/or his intarweb alias ShadowXP is the bestest member of GBAtemp, ever. He currently resides in Havant, Hampshire, which is close to Portsmouth. He is the Head and Ultimate Ruler of GBAtemp for the South Coast of England, unless shaunj66 moves his sorry ass back to Southampton.

Personal History

Shadow has been a member of GBAtemp since October 2002 when he was 11 years old, however the username he used was MightyXX, the Mighty Man of the two X's. After several conflicts with KiVan due to the fact he made sure his name was after every single topic on the Lastest Discussions sidebar, Shadow decided it was time to re-register on 22 December 2002 under the name he used elsewhere: ShadowXP.


The Origin of ShadowXP

The name ShadowXP has various meanings, and some may be more obvious than others. During the course of 2002 Shadow discovered Shadow The Hedgehog and was instantly amazed at how amazing the amazing character was with all his black and red coolness. At around the same time, Shadow's home computer had just been upgraded to Windows XP. Hence, using the great genius in his noggin Shadow decided to become ShadowXP. There are however various other interpretations:

  • ShadowXPerience, meaning Shadow Experience, meaning to experience Shadow The Hedgehog.
  • ShadowXtraPowa, to have the "xtra powa" of Shadow, or Shadow The Hedgehog.
  • ShadowXP, adjective. To be absolutely kickass.

History At GBAtemp

ShadowXP has a wide and sometimes interesting history at GBAtemp. Key points in his GBAtemp life are:

  • Annoying every single member, ever.
  • Winning the Signature and Avatar of the Year award in 2004.
  • Being knocked out of the Mario Kart DS tournament in the first round.
  • Being kickass.

He also likes to pretend he is best friends with the staff members and has inside information on The Plan to end all Plans.


Sometime between 2003-2005 Shadow was introduced to the great evil known as Uniemelk. Uniemelk was founded sometime between 2003-2005 as a warez sharing and discussion board, however the good side of Uniemelk became heavily corrupted and using it's own superpowers brainwashed most of it's members into creating an anti-GBAtemp cult, lead by ex-GBAtemp staff member Koekie. ShadowXP was involved with Uniemelk and was almost banned because of Uniemelk once, but the evil that is Uniemelk spared his sanity.

In 2004 ShadowXP infiltrated Uniemelk with permission from a ranking GBAtemp official in an attempt to discover any secret attacks Uniemelk may be plotting. There was however no such plans and left Shadow feeling rather paranoid.

ShadowXP's Hall of Fame

There are many members Shadow feels have greatly contributed to GBAtemp and deserved to be recognised. Those members are:

Everybody! YAY

ShadowXP's Hall of Shame

There are however some members Shadow believes need to GTFO:

  • Puck The Joker
  • Luse

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