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This page is about ShopTemp V2. For the Old ShopTemp, see
Type Price Comparator
Registration Uses GBAtemp account
Design by shaunj66
Status Closed Permanently
ShopTempV2.png (also known as ShopTemp V2) was a price comparison website that was completely managed by the GBAtemp community. It launched on February 10th 2011[1]. It replaced as the third site from the GBAtemp Network from this day on.

The site was closed down permanently a few years later, without any official announcement on the main forums.


Accounts from the site were linked to the accounts, allowing anyone with a forum account to contribute to the site. Logged in members were able to rate the various shops, suggest new products for the catalog, and buy or sell their own items (with no post requirement, unlike the Trading Forums).

The site itself was staffed by external contractors, who were paid using the ad revenue and other income of the site.

Shops were able to create a Shop account, which came in 3 versions:

  • Standard Account: Has the basic functions only (creating a shop page)
  • Silver Account: Allows you to add your prices to the Price comparator and other minor benefits.
  • Gold Account: The ShopTemp staff will add the Prices in the comparator for you, and you are able to make front page news.

In order to further promote the Shops and Products, all sites from the GBAtemp network have been SEO optimized for maximum visibility. Text was automatically parsed to include links to the mentioned keywords, and a ShopTemp box is placed on the front pages of and

The ShopTemp subforum that was previously used for had been slightly restructured to allow for Product and Shop discussions.


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