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Name : Johan

Nick : Slip or Slipurson

Born : June 1977

Consoles : NES, SNES, GB, GBC, GBA, GBA SP, GBA Micro, NDS, NDS Lite, N64, NGC, Wii

Card/Chip : M3's for the DSs and F2A, Neoflash for the GBA's, Qoob for the NGC, not planing on Chiping the Wii atm.

Desktop PC : Homebuilt : Windows XP SP2, AMD A64 3400+, ATi x1950 PRO PCi-e 256MB, 2GB DDR RAM, 1TB HDD, 19" + 17" LCD Screens, Logitech G15 + MX700

Laptop : HP ZD8270 : Vista ULTIMATE, P4 640 3.2GHz, ATi x600 PCI-E 256+256 MB, 17" Widescreen Brightview, 1GB DDR2 533 Mhz, 100GB HDD

Handheld : Acer n35 with built in GPS

Phone : Nokia N80

Playing (2007/04) : PC: C&C Tiberium Wars, Wii: SSX Blur, Wii Sports NGC: Fire Emblem, NDS: Pussle Quest, GBA: Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Paper Magazines : Super Play (swedish), Swedish PCGamer



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