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* [[DSTwo Plugin|Plugins list]]
* [[DSTwo Plugin|Plugins list]]
* [[SuperCard DSTWO ds2skin packs|Skins]]
* [[SuperCard DSTWO ds2skin packs|Skins]]
==Unofficial clone flashcart websites==
*[ Supercard DSTWO]

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SuperCard DSTWO
DSTwo Flashcard.png
Manufacturer SuperCard Team
Clone No
DSi Compatible Yes
SD Slot ??
Spring Loaded Yes
Cheat File(s) usrcheat.dat
Official Website here
GBAtemp Award TBA

The SuperCard DSTWO is a Slot-1 flashcart, made by the SuperCard Team. Like the iPlayer, it has an on-board CPU, allowing it to emulate GBA and SNES games without a Slot-2 device. It uses the Evolution OS firmware.

Features List

  • Real time functions: Real-time save, Real-time game guide (txt, bmp, jpg), and Real-time cheat.
  • Multi-Saves (up to 4 slots), easy to back-up and restore saves.
  • Unlimited MicroSD storage space support. SDHC support. FAT or FAT 32.
  • Multiple languages.
  • Built-in GBA/SNES Emulator.
  • Action slow motion (4 levels).
  • File Management System (copy, paste, cut, and delete). Long file name support.
  • E-book in .BMP, .JPEG, .JPG, .PNG, .TIF, .GIF, .TXT, and .PDF formats.

Limited GBAtemp Edition

In order to be able to fund the Homebrew Bounty (2010), a special GBAtemp version DSTWO was made. Any profit made from the cart is used to fund the Bounty.

The limited edition comes in a special White metallic box with a black sleeve, both with the GBAtemp logo imprinted on it. It also comes with a blue case for the cart and a wrist strap and extra stylus. The cart itself is white with a black sticker.

It was originally supposed to be sold in ShopTemp, but due the latter having to stop selling flashcarts it was sold in 4 different shops instead.

The Box with sleeve.
DSTWOtemp Cart.jpg

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