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Available in both Black and White, and only compatible with the Nintendo DS Lite, this extremely powerful piece of equipment is ready to deliver the action you want. Not only can you play games, but you can also listen to music, watch movies, read e-books, and use homebrew applications. With such an extensive amount of features, no wonder the SuperCard is the most popular choice in the DS and GBA homebrew scenes!

The SuperCard has many features, including a cheat system which allows you to enter codes, similar to the Action Replay. It also supports real time saves - save your game instantly at any time, allowing you to complete levels at a later date. A soft-reset function is available, so you never have to turn off your DS / GBA in order to play another game - just hit a small combination of buttons to bring up the main menu, from which you can choose many different options.

Since there is no fixed memory on the SuperCard, you can have a virtually limitless amount of games on there. Using micro SD (Micro Secure Digital) memory, just load some software onto the card using the SuperCard file manager, pop in your MicroSD card into the SuperCard, and you're ready to go!

Because the SuperCard uses a flash memory that is widely used in handheld devices, you can use the same memory in other products, such as digital cameras, MP3 players, and cell phones. This saves you money in the long run since you can share with other devices, and don't need to purchase a separate one for each device you want to use the micro-SD card with.

Battery life on your Nintendo DS Lite will drop to roughly 60% per charge. Normally, a Nintendo DS Lite can be used for about 15 hours on the lowest brightness setting. With the SuperCard, it will only last for about 9-10 hours on average. Your mileage may vary, as the actual battery life hasn't been tested as of yet.

The SuperCard Lite is a must for anyone who owns a Nintendo DS Lite. The SuperCard team did a great job by creating a piece of hardware that fits flush into the DS Lite. Not only will it not stick out, but you never have to take it out to put new software on it either! The SuperCard Lite's major advantage over its competitor, the M3 Lite, is the fact that you can easily remove the MicroSD card without removing the SuperCard Lite at all.