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The SuperCard teams history begins with the production of the first SuperCard CF. Through higher demand,the SC Team then made the second version, which was much less exposed outside of the DS. /*still needs work*/ Often referred to as the "cheapest" or lowest end of the DS back up kits, SuperCard flashcarts are known for their low price, and unfortunately lack of consistent updates. (In comparison to other companies such as: G6 Team and M3 )

==SuperCard Versions==
Version 1 of the SuperCard CF
Version 2 of the SuperCard CF
===SuperCard CF (Compact Flash) Slot 2===

Supercard CF Review

The SuperCard SD
===SuperCard SD (Secure Digital) Slot 2===

Supercard SD Review

===SuperCard Lite (Mini SD) Slot 2===

Supercard Lite Rumble Version Review

===SuperCard Rumble Versions Slot 2===

Supercard SD Rumble version Review

Supercard Lite Rumble Version Review