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GBATemp Homebrew Bounty

Switch homebrew bounty 2018

The Switch Homebrew Bounty 2018 started in October 2018 and span over 4 months, each one covering a different category.

Bounty announcement thread.

  • Category 1 - Tools and Utilities (Computer)
  • Category 2 - Switch application (Console)
  • Category 3 - Emulators (Console or other platform)
  • Category 4 - Games (Console)

To be eligible, it must be a new project released in the corresponding category's time frame, or if it's an existing project it must at least come with a major/significant update.

The project must be submitted to the Download center.

After one category ends, the staff members and Patreon users are voting for the winner. After the winning announcement, the next category's submission starts.

Category 1 - Tools and Utilities (Computer)


  • Submission Start: October 6th 2018 (Main bounty announcement on September 21th 2018, anything released after this date is marked as "new project")
  • Submission End: November 6th 2018

Title Description Author Status Result
pythac/Pyswitch pythac is a python3 library for parsing/extracting/building various file formats of the Nintendo Switch. It can read a file from its container, without extracting it.
Update major changelog: Not specified. See changelog on github from Oct 6th to Nov 6th.
Rikikoo Update 06th (40 points)
hacpack hacPack is a tool for creating Nintendo Switch NCAs (Nintendo Content Archive) and packing them into NSPs (Nintendo Submission Package) The-4n New
1st release Oct. 2nd
01st (107 points)
NSpack (hacPack GUI) v2.0 a .Net GUI for HacPack. XorTroll New 08th (27 points)
NES Online Game AutoInjector v3.5 With this tool you can easily add more games to Nintendo NES Online. bodyXY New
1st release Oct. 3rd
07th (38 points)
libcross2d A C++ cross platform 2d graphic, input, audio, etc... library. cpasjuste New 05th (49 points)
Switch Theme Injector V3​ A switch HorizonOS theme creation toolset.
Update major changelog: Made the theme sharing legal, add dds file format auto conversion, Created a new webapp to build and share themes. see full changelog on bounty page.
exelix11 Update v2 -> v3 03rd (77 points)
Lua.js A C library to include Lua and Javascript sources in your C homebrew project. caHarkness New 12th (10 points)

LibHac is a .NET Framework and .NET Core library for reading and editing file formats used by the Nintendo Switch.

HactoolNet is an application based on libHac to manipulate many switch file formats.
minibar New
1st release Sept. 26th
09th (26 points)
Switch Screenshot Organizer This basically just goes through every screenshot in your Switch's album folder, and sorts them by the name you give them. Scarlet New 13th (2 points)
XC2SaveNETThingy Xenoblade chronicle 2 save editor.
Update major changelog: Adds support for the new Torna The Golden Country's DLC.
damysteryman Update 10th (22 points)
Switch LAN Play A server/client running on computer to play compatible Switch online games through LAN.
Update major changelog: not specified.
spacemeowx2 Update 02nd (99 points)
Gen7 Engine A graphical homebrew development interface. iyenal New 04th (76 points)
NSScreenshotMaker A tool to convert pictures to Switch Album compatible format.
Update major changelog: It was completely rewritten for the Bounty, and now features a GUI, as well as new simple tools to convert mangas/comics (It supports CBR/CBZ!).
Cheuble Update 11th (12 points)

Category 2 - Switch application


  • Submission Start: December 1st, 2018
  • Submission End: December 31st, 2018

Title Description Author Status Result
NX-Shell NX-Shell is a file explorer, manipulator (copy/move/delete/create folders, etc.) and file viewer and player (text, audio, image, ebook reader, etc.).
Update major changelog: See changelog since last major release v1.05, Commits on Nov 19, 2018 up to Dec 31 on github.
Joel16 Update
v1.05 -> v1.10
RCMreboot RCMreboot allows Atmosphere 8.1.0+ users without autoRCM to reboot the console into RCM. Hippy Dave New
SwitchGuide-Updater SwitchGuide Updater is a PyNX script to updates some files used by SDFile/Kosmos all-in-one custom firmware booter package.
Update major changelog:
1) Added 2 new URLs to the list of updated files (hbmenu.nro and atmosphere's hbloader.nsp).
2) update for atmosphere 8.2.0 : Remove BCT.ini from sdroot if it exists, Remove fusee-primary.bin and fusee-secondary.bin from sdroot if it exists and change their download paths. Update hekate_ipl.ini if fusee-primary.bin was removed.
Noirscape/Ev1l0rd Update
v1.2.4 -> v1.3.0
Lockpick Lockpick is a Switch key derivation program, fully rewritten from the Keysplez idea, used to locate and extract all the keys used by the console. It dumps all keys (up to current FW6.2) to prod.keys file in less than 1 second. It can also extract installed game's TitleKeys. shchmue New
In-Home-Switching In-Home-Switching lets you stream your Windows 8+ computer screen to your Switch, and send back controller's input seen as Xbox controller by the computer. It allows you to play PC games in [email protected] on your Switch. No sound or mouse/keyboard support yet. Jakibaki New
ldn_mitm This sysmodule for Atmosphère and ReiNX converts local play (ad-hoc) to WAN (wifi over internet), allowing you to play with other online players even if banned, or even if the game only supports local play. Use switch-lan-play for matchmaking and connect with other players. spacemeowx2 New
pPlay pPlay is the first released video player capable of streaming multiple video and audio formats thanks to FFMpeg, from SD or http, and up to 1080p. It also has embedded ass subtitle support. cpasjuste New
NXThemes Installer This tool is the next step in Switch theming, following the previous Auto-theme format submitted on the first homebrew bounty session. It allows installation of theme packages located on SD card. NXTheme is easier to share and a more user friendly format than Auto-theme. Exelix11 New
Blawar's Tinfoil Tinfoil (previously DZ) is a homebrew Game, update and DLC installer. It has a graphical interface populated from many locations (SD, USB, HTTP, FTP, even google drive with another developer's tool, etc.)
Update major changelog: See changelog for December 2018 on github github.
Blawar Update
See bounty thread for full changelog.
Goldleaf Goldleaf, Addubz's tinfoil spiritual successor, is a graphical title installer and manager with added features (theme installer, SD and partition browser, ticket explorer, etc). Can currently install nsp titles from SD and USB. XorTroll New
Vapor Spec Vapor Spec Virtual Game Platform is a custom 16 bit game engine interpreter running specifically created and compiled games ROMs based on its own custom language. Like an emulator loading ROMs, but not based of an existing hardware device. The game engine works on PC, Linux and Switch. Some games are already included. minkcv New
VGEdit This Text File Editor will let you edit any ASCII files directly on your switch. it can Open, edit, and save files on SD. Touch screen controls for quickly viewing documents. Select multiple characters with L/R. Basic copy and paste support. VGmoose New
Homebrew SD Setup SD Setup is the Switch homebrew version of website. You can choose from different homebrew or CFW individually or select multiple contents to be packed into a single zip file, downloaded and extracted directly to your SD card in proper folder structures. noahc3 New
Thonkmop Joke submission. it's an SDL2 example from devkitpro loading a meme picture. Not qualified as application homebrew. The-4n Not qualified N/A
ReiNXToolkit ReiNX Toolkit is a set of tools for ReiNX Custom firmware.
Update major changelog: None! Only small bugfixes.
Reisyukaku Not qualified. N/A

Category 3 - Emulators


  • Submission Start: February 10th, 2019
  • Submission End: March 15th, 2019

Title Description Author Status Result
uae4all2 An Amiga emulator for Nintendo switch.
Update major changelog: fix hdf settings with non-zero hd dir causing wrong mounted drives; implement .adz floppy disk format support (read only); add support for .zip floppy files (read-only); widescreen file dialog to show longer filenames.
rsn8887 Update
v1.93 -> v1.94 and 1.95
MelonDS A Nintendo DS emulator for Nintendo switch. Port of StappleButter's MelonDS.
Update major changelog: Support for input remapping and displaying the NDS icon beside the games in the file browser.
Hydr8gon 0.7.3->0.7.4
NoiES A Nintendo NES emulator for Nintendo switch. A completely new emulator written by Hyadragon to learn how emulators are working. Hydr8gon New
Mupen64plus Next A Nintendo 64 emulator for Nintendo switch. Mupen64 is a retroArch core. Mupen64PlusNext is a new approach of the emulator focused on a single GPU plugin GLideN64 for easier maintainability.
Update major changelog: check here
m4xw Fork / Update
pNES A Nintendo NES emulator for Nintendo switch. Based on Nestopia. cpasjuste New
pSNES A Super Nintendo emulator for Nintendo switch. Based on Snes9x.
Update major changelog: check This post
cpasjuste Update
pFBA Portable Final Burn Alpha is a neogeo, cps1, cps2, cps3 arcade emulator for Nintendo switch.
Update major changelog: check This post
cpasjuste Update

Category 4 - Games

  • Submission Start:
  • Submission End: