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Initial Discussion

I'm getting one of these devices and I am confused as hell on how to use it. So whatever success that I may have will end up in this subject or separate guide on how to get things done written in a concise fashion. I am limited to only an M3 Simply and the EZV Expansion. I would first like to note that there are too many damn names for this thing, and I have no idea what to call it. How about EZVXP? Sorry for the Microsoft-Think, but scientists are lazy.


So I see an anonymous person got a bucket of elbow grease and did a fine job of content addition. I am going to move the information and edit the grammar to be "consistent" with the other articles on EZ-flash. Consistency is the key work here, folks! Well, I am starting now since I just got my 3 in 1 in the mail. I must say that I enjoy this product enough to continue these edits. Fun!

RE: Pictures!

I added more pictures and I got permission from GBAtemp to use the pictures from the review. I seem to be having difficulty finding a picture of the "Phat" Version of the Expansion Pack (GBA Cart Size). If anybody can take a picture that is not from websites like realhotstuff or any other shop, then it would just be peachy.