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Note about memory card corruption

When using the Nintendo 1019 block memory card, it is well documented that it becomes corrupted when used on a Wii console rather than an actual Gamecube, causing some save files to be corrupted when loaded or even instantly corrupted when saving. A simple google search will turn up countless people having the same corruption problem. Nintendo has admitted some issues with the 1019 memory card due to older games being made before larger memory cards were manufactured and the games not knowing how to read them, but there are additional corruption problems exclusive to the Wii that are caused by a software or hardware bug. While I'm not 100% sure, this may also apply to 64MB which is the equivalent to 1019 blocks in generic cards or larger generic cards as well. Keep this in mind when documenting results with Dios Mios as it may not be Dios Mios that is causing corruption but rather the use of the aforementioned cards and it may be best to use a smaller card when doing compatibility tests for accuracy. 05:57, 16 December 2013 (CST)