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Older version compatibilities should be kept with newer versions for at least a few days, or 5 confirmations on the updated version(if there is a change). I thinks this sums up about how it should be when a new version is released:

Name (Version if Applicable) Result Region Notes Confirmed
Legend of Zelda: Collector's Edition, The Partial(THETA) Works(Xi) NTSC-U/PAL (THETA)Use ((start) Reboot) to launch. Majoras Mask is crashing once you play the ocarina so it isn´t playable yet, other games unaffected. Majora NTSC save FIX past Ocarina Megaupload C13HAW3Z(THETA) (Xi)Boot with rebooter, wait ~3 minutes to pass red Nintendo, games work perfectly, Majora's Mask plays through The Song of Time like a breeze(Xi) 8(THETA) 0(Xi)