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Please keep the wiki opinion free, and also let's not tout "coming" features. Yes(Green)/No(Red)/Options(Blue) only please. -phrozenfeonix

Page Layout
Not sure why it was changed, but the vertical-columns are *much* harder to read and scan than the horizontal lists were. The homepage field is a nice addition, but please put the page back so it's easier to use! -Clip
I somewhat agree on this, the other way was easier to read. The homepage is nice, but maybe we should revert to the old way of linking. Let the names link to screenshots (or the background fields) and leave the homepage row. -phrozenfeonix

Yeah, please, someone change the layout. Editing or adding something is very hard and time consuming. We need to fix this ASAP in order to update the latest versions and add some new ones. -Gamer

Useless info
There seems to be a lot of useless info on the wiki, like:

  • alt.dol from usb: if alt.dol from sd works, why wouldn't it from usb, besides the alt.dol from disc is more important than this.
  • system menu version - i think no loader has any dependancy on any system menu version so the entire sys menu table could just be turned to YES for all. what is the purpose of this?

and there's probably more.

Obsolete loaders
Also, some ancient loaders could be moved to a separate section "obsolete loaders", everything to the right of GX actually.