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Quick thoughts on article cleanup ([email protected]):
- For GameCube region free, I think chips that support it natively without swap should be Green, chips that support via swap should be Blue, regardless of it working with every single game.
- For DVD+R support, chips that support with AND without booktype should be Green, chips that work with booktype only (-ROM) should be Blue (as not all burners can support writing booktype).
- If a feature doesn't really work even though it is listed as being supported by the manufacturer, the feature should be listed as Red.

Speed fix?

Explain? I thought the 3.0 upgrade of the Cyclowiz fixed the drive speed issue. If this is what is being referred to, it doesn't really belong, since all it was was a glitch on their behalf.--Dirtie 10:56, 5 April 2007 (CEST)

the original poster seems not responding. i'm confused, too, i don't know what this SPEED FIX is. i think it can be the "settable speed", like for wiifree and others. can we assume this? no modchip's websites talk about "speed fix" in their features... --Teto 11:54, 13 September 2007 (CEST)

Wiikey Audio Fix?

So does the Wiikey has "audiofix" or not? some sources say so, some not.

At this stage it is a puported feature of the Wiikey, and the config disc has the option of enabling/disabling it, however it either doesn't work, or has very limited compatibility. Until an update fixes it I'd suggest listing this as unsupported.

Drivechip?? Modchip!

I think this page's title is not correct. I prefer "Wii Modchip Comparison", not drivechip! Drivechip remember me D2A, D2B, etc.. If anyone want to modify it, then here you are pages that links here:

   * Cyclowiz
   * Chiip
   * Wiip
   * WiiKey
   * Wii Modchips (redirect)
   * OpenWii