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Suggestion: Add 480p section

Yes, they are mostly the same as 60Hz, but there ARE some games that mysteriously work in 60Hz but fail to load at 480p. Examples are Fire Emblem and Resident Evil 4. ~ Pikachu025 07:43, 25 December 2007 (CET)

Super Smash Brawl

I wouldn't call it "flawlessly", I've been experiencing some cracky sounds in movies and weird shifts between somewhat slow-mo and really fast gameplay. Or does anyone have suggestions for this?

me again: I found out that if the game runs really slow a reboot of the wii "not the game" but the wii itself will solve it, if not try multiple times

Order Up slowdowns

When playing Order Up on a PAL wii I've experienced slowdowns during a lot of parts of the game. But I found out that pressing the home button and then again will solve it for that specific part. Also when standing in front of the restaurant, if you use the home-button trick and then enter the restaurant it won't have a ridiculous long loading time. As for all the other loading times I've found no way to solve it yet, they are pretty annoying but I use them as toilet-breaks.