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Why include the modchip names?

As far as I know, all the current "partial-region-free" methods have the same compatibility; if one game doesn't work with a certain partial-region-free patcher (either software tool or via modchip) it won't work on any other partial-region-free patcher as well. So why include messages like "Works with WiiKey" / "Tested with Cyclowiz" etc.? It's only going to confuse people who don't know all current modchips are equal when it comes to partial-region-freeness-compatibility. I've read more than one "the list only says it works with WiiKey, but I have a Cyclowiz/whatever - can anyone confirm it works with that chip as well?"-posting in the Wii forum I use.

Non-Region Updates

Can we add a section about non-region updates? For example, SPM US bricking PAL Wiis? Also, Pokemon Battle Revolution NTSC-J wants to update my NTSC-U Wii - but I don't want to get bricked. Will it brick if I just tell it to update from the Japanese game? It is marked as green in the list, but with no notes... 22:29, 10 May 2007 (CEST)

That can be included in the notes for the game in that region. I played Pokemon on my NTSC-U Wii without any problem. I think (but can't recall exactly) it updated as well. Just make sure you are updated to the current level. I believe the bricking with Paper Mario were only from people who were not at the current level. -- Dsbomb 22:50, 10 May 2007 (CEST)

Can we list which games contain firmware updates?

Super Paper Mario (NTSC-U)(NTSC-J)

Mario Strikers Charged (PAL) (ISO from Vortex with NTSC Patch) - 2.1e

Mario Party 8 (NTSC-U)

Big Brain Academy Wii Degree (NTSC-U)

Bio Hazard (Resident Evil) 4 (NTSC-J) - V2.2J

Anymore please add.

What exactly is the game number used for? Cant that column be removed?

No, the game number is the release number and should be the same as the one in the gbatemp database

Those who don't know how to edit the page, add your results here

Mario Party 8

It says in the table that mario party 8 doesnt work with two of the chips. I have a pal wii and the wiikey but it still doesnt work. It just freezes up. Please could you help me with this problem.

--It is currently a stated fact that Mario Party 8 (Ntsc - American) will not work on PAL Wii consoles with modchips. It makes no difference patching the ISO as well. Once it has been patched, the game does show up in the Wii Channels menu. As soon as you start the game, you are left with a black screen. I have personally confirmed this using the Wii Key modchip.

--with wiifree on PAL, mario party 8 PAL, it partially works. you can play the game, but in some situations (when you meet bowser) if freezes and asks for the disc. --Teto 11:41, 25 July 2007 (CEST)

Japanese Region Games

Please use the following format for release names "Super Swing Golf (U)(VORTEX)" and do not use the term "JAP" some people regard it as a racist term. Please just use (J). It's obvious enough.

I agree that you should use J because we have U and E and whatever, using more letters than necessary makes no sense. But cut the crap about the racism, it just ain't true.

Agreed. That's really silly.

Not as silly as it sounds... my wife is Japanese and she finds it offensive - probably because it has a history of being used in a derogatory fashion.

Yes and please stop using black letters, it offensive, oh and no white backgrounds...yellow isn't an option here i think.

So you think it is ok to refer to Pakistanis and Pakis, Australian Aboriginals as Abos etc etc. Just because it is not offensive to you does not mean that it is not offensive to anyone else (I assume you are not Japanese, so of course you will not take offense - and by the way, your analogy is so flawed it is not funny). Anyway, enough of this.

People, JAP is the global standard three-letter country code/abbreviation indicating Japan. Just like PAK is for Pakistan and AUS is for Australia, MEX for Mexico and onwards. It has nothing to do with the slang word "Jap" and hence the whole argument about racism and "Pakis" and whatnot is out of place.

Ahem, I think you will find the international standard is JPN... nice try though.

Topic should be changed

to "Partial Region Free Patcher Compatibility List" or something similar, as the compatibility is the same for the chips as it is for the patchers. DGSystems 21:40, 2 March 2007 (CET) Im sick of being called a brit....... not, the world has gone mad

Trauma center works?

what does it mean in next wiikey update?

from kaishou - In the new setup (which is the update), but i dont think wiikey confirmed that they are working on trauma center so right now i think the data about trauma center being worked on for the next wiikey is completely fake.

i think they ment they are actually working on 100% compatibility for ntsc on pal games and vice versa.. its a pity.. trauma center is actually one of the most original games ever.

from kaishou - lol its one of the reason why i brought a wii

from eternity575 - hey kaishou.. could you mail me if you hear about a solution ?

From kaishou - Hmm sure, the only thing is that im not a registered user lol, i might register but i think im too lazy :P but ill email you, or if you want to email me or something just email me at (ahh nvmm you already know my email)

Cooking Mama

"Must have your wii system language set to English Risk of Bricking autoupdate launched" What does the later part mean? Is there a recent auto update patch as well as with SPM?

kaishou - i think this is a false information because my friend has a older firmware for the wii (no internet) and his lagnuage is set to spanish, he played cooking mama for more than 4 hrs and it dont auto. someone just put it that it wil auto update and mess up your wii just to piss you off. that what i think.

I believe the DVDs have the update patch on them. I loaded up Blazing Angels PAL on my USA Wii, while my wireless router was shut off. It applied the update successfully and then loaded up just fine. --Dsbomb 01:30, 19 April 2007 (CEST)

Rayman Raving Rabids

I am not 100% sure whether the compatibility list is restricted to issues with backups or encompasses original discs as well, but the original official NTSC(U) disc of Rayman Raving Rabids is working fine on my WiiKey'd Australian PAL machine. According to the list it freezes on startup, so could this possibly be a firmware issue? (I downloaded the latest system software when I set up to visit the Wii Shopping channel for the first time, yesterday) and tried the game for the first time today.

Anyway, there you have it... official NTSC(U) version of Rayman Raving Rabids works fine on (Australian) PAL Wii (can't comment on backup, as I have not made one).

Any chance you'll be able to make a backup (using the SD card dumper app or rawdump) and test it out? --Dirtie 02:03, 28 April 2007 (CEST)

Not anytime soon I am afraid... anyone else able to do this? Hello? Bueller? Anyone?

Do the lockup games working if you are using an Original Disc not an iso burning?

Do the lockup games working if you are using an Original Disc?

I have a game that I want to buy, but it said lockup at here. Could someone help me answer the question?

-- Answer: They don't work even if you use original disc.

-- Answer to the Answer: See my comments re Rayman Raving Rabids. I have the NTSC(U) original and it works fine on my Australian PAL machine (with WiiKey installed). It certainly does NOT lock-up on load (as is stated on the listing here) and is playable... I don't know if this is the case for all original games or for that matter a backup copy of this game, but the original of Rayman Raving Rabids most definitely IS working.

Mario Strikers Charged Football (PAL)

Use this area to discuss the Allstars release of Strikers/PAL, rather than filling up the notes. After the dust settles, a summary can be put into the notes. -- Dsbomb 02:22, 26 May 2007 (CEST)


  1. Works fine for Wiifree, Chiip, Wiinja Deluxe and Wiikey
  2. It must be patched for Cyclowiz
  3. The auto-update may ruin the Wii Settings if you don't have the latest (v2.2U or v2.2J) update from Nintendo. (See pic)

Strikers Online is also working on modded Wii's in the U.S. and Canada. The servers have been off and on the last few days, but U.S. and Canada Wii's will connect and play the same as PAL machines.

-- Wanted to say I have a Cyclowiz 3.0 updated, and I was at 2.2U, let the disc update run, and it works fine without patching the Allstars release. Not sure why mine worked and the others didn't?

-- Tested on Wiinja Deluxe unpatched, Update 2, v2.2U. Updated from disc, plays fine.

-- Tested on Wiikey Wii NTSC-U, with 2.2U Firmware. Works fine.

-- Tested on OpenWii NTSC-U, with 2.2B Firmware. Works fine. (Patched to NTSC-U w/ RegionFrii)

On my Japanese Wii (Wiikey, 2.2J) I get a dialogue box in Japanese with only an 'OK' button when trying to launch this game. I turned off my Wii afraid that it was a firmware confirmation and would brick my Wii. Anybody know what this dialogue says and if its safe to hit 'OK'?

Answer to my question - Pressing ok does some kind of check, but does not brick the Wii in any way. The game worked fine after doing this.

-- Confirm that. In japanese Wii, the game runs a check to determine wish version is installed on the Wii. Just press Ok and wait for, then the Wii will reboot and the game will run.

On my Japanese Wii (Wiikey, 2.2J) I get a dialogue box in Japanese with only an 'OK' button when trying to launch this game. I turned off my Wii afraid that it was a firmware confirmation and would brick my Wii. Anybody know what this dialogue says and if its safe to hit 'OK'?


My wii can't go into setting anymore and it was half-bricked after running NTSC USA MARIO STRIKER CHARGED. I upgraded my jap wii to 2.2j days ago and all the other games are fine unless this one.

OK with PAL version on Japanese Wii. I hit ok and have had no problems. Recentely updated to 3.0 just fine.

Biohazard 4 Wii Edition

Japanese version has violence removed, not really worth the download. Works on 60hz only.

 - But could be helpful: it contains japanese firmware-update V2.2J!

Has anyone got the 480p working? I can only get it to work in 480i/60Hz, if i try setting 480p in the Wii options menu the game blacks out after booting. Confirmed only 480i/60Hz. (J) Biohazard on Pal Wii (WiiKey).

Harvest Moon

(J) Harvest Moon (DMZ) - I have not noticed any graphic error, I was first to report the game so I might have been a bit fast when I tested all modes. But in 480P I don't recall any problem, could be the mode or the screen for the one reporting problems.

A list of GameCube games that work on modded Wiis?

I suggest we make a similar list for GC games that do work on modded Wiis and those that dont work. Whether they work cross-region is also something that could be listed.

Super Mario Sunshine (NTSC) does not work on the Australian WiiKey enabled PAL machine

Some people are making a list here: (Doesn't work)

Link above doesn't work anymore, has it been moved or deleted?

Latest firmware version numbers

Just another suggestion, maybe it would be a good idea to keep a list of firmware version numbers, or at least put the latest firmware version number for each region at the top of this page. (I know at the moment all of them are at 2.2 (2.2U, 2.2J...), but at some point in time they were different, and that brought about the Super Paper Mario disaster)

Call of Duty 3

NTSCU->PAL Not working with the patched iso (regionfrii 1.21) neither with the wiikey region free (unpatched iso). This is at least in 480p/60hz.


Do take note that some games only work with DVD-R. I burnt some on DVD+R and the majority worked, the rest have to be burnt in DVD-R for them to work.

  • Do you have some examples to back that up? I haven't heard of that requirement from anyone before. Are you talking about games from your own region, other regions, or what? -- Dsbomb 07:14, 26 July 2007 (CEST)
    • Yes, it seems DVD+R are bad for our wii, just as low-cost rolings are.

On a different note, DVD+R discs burned with one burner might not work, while burning the same content on the same brand of DVD+Rs might work on when using an other (newer) DVD burner.

Wario WareSmooth Moves (QwiiF)

Wario WareSmooth Moves (QwiiF) - U-NTSC works on PAL with WiiKey with the recent system update 3.0E (I think). Just updated and it works fine now.

Dunno about 50/60 Hz, so didn't change it. Is that a tv or a wii setting??