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This is the documentation page of Template:GBAR2GameTable. Please add the documentation for this Template below.

Creates a game compatibility table for GBARunner2. The following:

{{GBAR2Game|title=Some Game [E]|version=6522414 (2018/11/01)|rating=perfect|comment=Game runs perfect!}}
{{GBAR2Game|title=Some Game [E]|version=6522414 (2018/11/01)|rating=good|comment=Game runs fine, sometimes minor audio crackle.}}
{{GBAR2Game|title=Some Game [E]|version=6522414 (2018/11/01)|rating=playable|comment=Game is playable. Minor gfx glitches are visible every now and then. Full speed with a little slowdown.}}
{{GBAR2Game|title=Some Game [E]|version=6522414 (2018/11/01)|rating=unplayable|comment=Heavy gfx glitches and slowdown.}}
{{GBAR2Game|title=Some Game [E]|version=6522414 (2018/11/01)|rating=crashes|comment=Game crashes during the intro.}}
{{GBAR2Game|title=Some Game [E]|version=6522414 (2018/11/01)|rating=noboot|comment=White screen after bios intro.}}

Produces this table for example:

ROM Title [Region] Commit ID (YYYY/MM/dd) Works
Saving Sound Speed Notes Crash Reason