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ROM Title [Region] Commit ID (build on date) Notes11
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Creates a game compatibility table for GBARunner2. The following:
{{GBAR2Game|title=Some Game [E]|version=(2018/11/01) 6522414|rating=perfect|nocache=1|cache=1|save=1|sound=good|speed=good|note=Game runs perfect!}}
{{GBAR2Game|title=Some Game [E]|version=(2018/11/01) 6522414|rating=good|nocache=0|cache=1|save=?|sound=minor|speed=minor|note=Game runs fine. Couldn't find a save spot.}}
{{GBAR2Game|title=Some Game [E]|version=(2018/11/01) 6522414|rating=playable|nocache=1|cache=1|save=0|sound=good|speed=minor|note=Game is playable. Minor gfx glitches are visible every now and then. Full speed with a little slowdown.}}
{{GBAR2Game|title=Some Game [E]|version=(2018/11/01) 6522414|rating=unplayable|nocache=1|cache=1|save=sram|sound=bad|speed=lag|note=Heavy gfx glitches and slowdown.}}
{{GBAR2Game|title=Some Game [E]|version=(2018/11/01) 6522414|rating=crashes|nocache=1|cache=1|sound=broken|speed=2fast|note=Game crashes during the intro.}}
{{GBAR2Game|title=Some Game [E]|version=(2018/11/01) 6522414|rating=noboot|nocache=0|cache=0|note=White screen after bios intro.|crashreason=Game has code above 2MB.}}

Produces this table for example:

ROM Title [Region] Commit ID (YYYY/MM/dd) Works
Saving Sound Speed Notes Crash Reason
Some Game [E] 10 (2018/11/01) 6522414 good 100% Game runs perfect! -
Some Game [E] 8 (2018/11/01) 6522414 ? minor issues minor slowdowns Game runs fine. Couldn't find a save spot. -
Some Game [E] 6 (2018/11/01) 6522414 good minor slowdowns Game is playable. Minor gfx glitches are visible every now and then. Full speed with a little slowdown. -
Some Game [E] 4 (2018/11/01) 6522414 \w patch bad laggy Heavy gfx glitches and slowdown. -
Some Game [E] 2 (2018/11/01) 6522414 - broken too fast Game crashes during the intro. -
Some Game [E] 0 (2018/11/01) 6522414 - - - White screen after bios intro. Game has code above 2MB.


  • title = Game name and region
  • version = short commit hash and date in YYYY/MM/dd format
  • rating = perfect, good, playable, unplayable, crashes or noboot
  • nocache = 0 (not working) or 1 (working)
  • cache = 0 (not working) or 1 (working)
  • save = 0 (not working), ? (unknown) or 1 (working)
  • sound = good, minor, bad or broken
  • speed = good, minor, lag or 2fast
  • note = Some additional notes
  • crashreason = Technical reason of a game not booting or crashing

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