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Creates a game compatibility table for GBARunner2. The following:

{{GBAR2Link|title=Some Game [E]|version=(2018/11/01) 6522414|rating=works|note=}}
{{GBAR2Link|title=Some Game [E]|version=(2018/11/01) 6522414|rating=fails|note=}}

Produces this table for example:

ROM Title [Region] Commit ID (YYYY/MM/dd) Notes
Some Game [E] (2018/11/01) 6522414
Some Game [E] (2018/11/01) 6522414 Connection is lost after a while.
Some Game [E] (2018/11/01) 6522414 Supports wireless link peripheral.
Some Game [E] (2018/11/01) 6522414
Some Game [E] (2018/11/01) 6522414 Game does not even boot.


  • title = Game name and region
  • version = short commit hash and date in YYYY/MM/dd format
  • rating = works, fails
  • note = Some additional notes