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This is the documentation page of Template:Infobox Flashcart. Please add the documentation for this Template below.

Put this Infobox on the top of every flashcart page.

Optional Parameters

  • name = name of the flashcart. By default, the pagename is used.
  • img = name of image for the cart
  • manufacturer = manufacturer of the cart
  • os = list of available operating systems for the cart (put the main firmware in Bold)
  • clone = is this cart a clone? (Yes/No)
  • dsi = is this cart DSi compatible? (Yes/No)
  • slot = SideLoaded or TopLoaded? (Side/Top)
  • spring = Spring Loaded? (Yes/No)
  • cheats = Cheats file to use (like: cheat.dat)
  • site = Official web site.
  • award = GBAtemp award + review link