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This template is mainly to be used in Navigation templates. It is also possible to use it directly on a page though.


  • Title = Title of the box, the only part that will not be hidden. (default = "Navigation")
  • Collapse = Should the box collapse by default?
    • Yes = Collapsed by default.
    • No = Open by default.
    • Auto = Collapse if there are other NavBoxes on the page. (default setting)
    • Disable = Hide the [show/hide] button, preventing collapsing.
  • Above = Text to appear on the top.
  • Group1 = Title of Group 1.
  • List1 = List of Group 1.
  • Group2 = Title of Group 2.
  • List2 = List of Group 2.
  • ...
  • Group7 = Title of Group 7.
  • List7 = List of Group 7.
  • Image = Image to appear on the right. List1 must be included for this to work! You don't need to add the [[ ]].
  • Imagewidth = Possibility to change the width of the image (default 100px).
  • Below = Text to appear on the bottom.


  1. If you include a list without a group, the list will take the full width and have centered text.
  2. If you include a group without a list, the row won't appear at all.
  3. You don't need to add the groups in order, though this is recommended.


|title = Click show on the right
|collapse = Auto <!-- To see this in effect, see the difference between the Template page and the /doc subpage -->
|above = Top text
|group1 = First
|list1 = Test
|group4 = Second?
|list4 = [[Main Page]]
|list3 = ''List can go before the group''
|group3 = Third?
|list5 = This list has no group, so is centered.
|group7 = This group has no list, so doesn't show.
|image = Image:Ak22.jpg
|imagewidth = 70px
|below = '''Bottom text'''}}

The text above produces:

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