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On April 24th of 2006 was announced the second "official GBAtemp Tournament" (GBAtemp Tournaments).

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Facts and figures

  • 315 members participated in this tournament
  • The tournament was announced on 24/04/2006 and ended on 20/07/2006.
  • For the members, it lasted almost 3 months, but for the staff it took at least 4 months to get everything ready and to clean up everything after the tournament.


5 prizes were offered to the winners:

  • 1x original sealed copy of Zelda Famicom Disk, signed by Shigeru Miyamoto
  • 1x Enamel Navy DS Lite
  • 1x G6 Lite + Passcard 3 bundle
  • 1x M3 MiniSD + Passcard 3 bundle
  • 1x Supercard + Superkey bundle


The winners and their prizes:

  1. Mystik59, who received the original copy of Zelda Famicom Disk
  2. Indis, who received the Enamel Navy DS Lite
  3. HelloKitty, who received the G6 Lite bundle
  4. NESvii, who received the M3 bundle
  5. plouv, who received the Supercard bundle.

It is interesting to note that the first 3 winners are ladies.