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Brief Stats

Real Name: <confidential>
Born: 1975
Gender: Male
Location: Eastern U.S.A.
GBATemp Staff Position: Official IRC Operator
Current Console(s): Nintendo Wii
Current Handheld(s): Nintendo DS Lite


Having been a personality within the MAME Scene for many years in his 20's, he entered the GBA flash card scene back in 2004, although silently. Upon the emergence of the Nintendo DS, he became more and more involved. He was first recruited by Ravi (a.k.a. kfree), owner of ModChipMan, in order to produce flash card reviews for the retail site. After a disagreement between them, and the popularity of his sole review of the G6 Lite, he was then recruited to join GBATemp as part of the Magazine Staff. His responsibilities among the staff included posting GBA and DS Scene news as well as reviewing flash cards. His reviews have been as praised as equally as criticized. He was on the sample list for several flash card companies, such as GBAlpha (G6/M3) and SuperCard Team. He hopes to continue to explore and review the newest flash cards in order to give community members the means of seeing which product will suit their individual needs. Usually, once done with a review, he gives the review samples away. He does so happily. Since December of 2007, TheSpade stepped down as a contributor due to employment elsewhere. He returned during the summer and was made an IRC Operator for the new GBATemp IRC network.


  • He is a practicing non-denominal Christian. He presently intends on converting to Catholicism sometime in the future.
  • He suffered a mountain biking accident at the age of 13 which severly injured him. His once active participation in school and recreational athletics came to a halt because of an irregular growth of scar tissue in his knees.
  • In his early 20's, he aspired to pursue a career as a professional wrestler, but he was unable to pass the physical due to his old injuries.
  • He has been engaged 3 times but never married and is currently single with no desire to seek dating.
  • After years of alcohol and drug abuse, TheSpade has been clean and sober since soon after turning 21 years of age. He celebrated his 12th year of clean living on September 30th.
  • Being 5' 2", he once ballooned up to over 210 lbs. He has since lost much of the weight due to better diet habits and now weights under 155 lbs.

Reviews Written

Current Flash Card Collection

Nintendo Wii Game Collection

TheSpade does not have a mod chip in his Wii nor does he plan on it, so these games are authentic retail copies. You should buy your games too in order to support game developers and publishers.

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