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Welcome to the M3 Sakura Homebrew Compatibility Wiki. This article is designed for users of the M3 Sakura firmware for the M3 Real flashcart. It aims to be a comprehensive list of homebrew that work perfectly on Sakura, as well as homebrew that don't.

You can find the forum-created list here. Both are the same, mind you, but you can go to the forum-created list to submit homebrew you found that works or doesn't work.

What is M3 Sakura?

M3 Sakura is the newest firmware available by the M3 Team. You can find complete information about M3 Sakura on the M3 Sakura FAQ.

What is Homebrew?

Homebrew, in the context of the Nintendo DS, are free applications created by independent developers for use on flashcarts. They range in variety of type, from applications that add extra functions (such as playing media, web browsing, drawing and other tools) to emulators (for the NES, SNES, Sega, Genesis, etc.) to games.

Thank you!

A big thank-you goes out to Densetsu3000 for starting the Wiki page for the homebrew compatibility list! From here on in, I'll update it mostly, but Densetsu, if you're reading this, keep in mind you can feel free to help contribute whenever you wish. =]

M3 Sakura Homebrew Compatibility List

The most current version of M3 Sakura will be used for testing.

Current Version: 1.49

Information You Should Know

QuakeDS requires the PAK0.PAK file from the shareware version or the PAK0.PAK file and PAK1.PAK files from the retail version of Quake (placed in a ID1 folder at the root of your card) to work.

In order for DScent to work, you must have the DESCENT.HOG and DESCENT.PIG files from a retail copy of Descent. They must be updated to version 1.4 or 1.5 (I forget which) and must be placed in a "dscent" folder along with files included in the DScent zip file.

Fully-Compatible Homebrew

Homebrew listed in this section has been tested and works 100% in M3 Sakura.

  • DSOrganize (You must use this special version. Personally tested and it works!)
  • SNEmulDS <== Reported to make Disk Check detect a fatal error, so use at your own risk.

Homebrew that Only Partially Works

Homebrew listed in this section will boot in M3 Sakura, but only works with certain limitations.

  • AngunaDS (Only the .gba version, NOT the .nds or .ds.gba version though) (Requires GBA expansion pack)

Homebrew that Doesn't Work

Homebrew listed in this section boots into two white screens in M3 Sakura, unless otherwise indicated. Furthermore, any homebrew title that poses a great risk to your MicroSD card or its data should also be listed here.

  • DSLinux <== No current DLDI kernel will boot
  • Innocence <== Do not use or you risk corrupting your SD card.